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Top 5 excursions in Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad is in an enviable position when it comes to tourism — it doesn't depend on it. The country does just fine off its petroleum profits. For the traveler this is an advantage of sorts. Since Trinidad doesn't put on any airs to impress visitors, it retains a remarkable authenticity as a destination. Travelers may have to dig a little deeper to access the island's charms, but's it's well worth the effort. Here are five excursions worth seeking out.


10 Best Places to Visit in Ecuador

Mindo offers environmentally conscious travelers the best of two biodiversified ecosystems: the tropical Andes and the Chocoan lowlands. Here, visitors will see cloud forests, farmlands, three major rivers and hundreds of streams. One of Ecuador’s most popular tourist destinations, Mindo provides a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from rafting and bird-watching to mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking.


10 Latin American Travel Destinations that nobody usually recommends

We’ve all seen those gringo vacation guides touting Latin America’s “undiscovered” natural wonders, or its backpacker-friendly bohemian beach towns, or even directing affluent tourists to luxurious resort compounds free from pesky townspeople. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with standing shoulder to shoulder with globe-trotting retirees as you behold some breathtaking panorama, or splashing around under a crystal clear natural waterfall with a couple of adventurous spring breakers.


Ten Places to Have a Drink and Dance All Night in Havana

Havana, like almost all the world’s great cities, never sleeps. When the shadows fall on this almost 500-yeard-old city, the Cuban capital shakes off the drowsiness and then it's time to enjoy a Havana not so elegant, but just as captivating. It has increasingly diverse places where it’s possible taste from a daiquiri or mojito to any drink of international cocktails, combined with the pleasure of listening to live music and dancing, whenever you want and can, all night long.


Ten cities in Latin America that Canadians Love

Latin America is a destination increasingly known and visited by Canadians. For decades, the south was only related to beaches, the sun, leisure and rest in resorts or areas of strong tourist presence. However, in recent years there has been growing interest in exploring other latitudes of the region and exploring beyond the crowded beaches. Canadians have discovered the immense heritage and cultural wealth of cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Buenos Aires, Quito or Cusco, where history looms in every corner.


Top Five Universities to Study in Cuba

Studying in Cuba is an increasingly attractive option for Latin American students, who are seduced by the international prestige of that Caribbean country’s teaching centers, as well as the possibility to live new experiences in one of the safest nations on earth.

Which are the best universities to study in Cuba? PanamericanWorld proposes an approach to five higher education centers, with great national and international prestige.



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