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From Rock to Colors: the best songs in the Soccer World Cups

When in 1962 the Chilean group Los Ramblers decided to compose a song as support for the local team that played in the FIFA Cup, no one could have imagined, at that moment, that the "Rock of the World Cup" began a tradition that has spread through more than five decades. What have been the best songs dedicated to a Soccer World Cup? PanamericanWorld proposes you to approach each of the official songs associated with the most followed sporting event on the planet.


"Ideas of North": Canadian violinist Andrew Forde explores and updates the universe of Glenn Gould

Canadian violinist and composer Andrew Forde has set himself a bold challenge: to remix the creative and intellectual universe of the iconic pianist Glenn Gould, one of the most brilliant musicians of the 20th century, with the aim of exploring the rich identity of Canada.


Buying a Piece of Bob Marley’s Song Catalog, and His Enduring Legacy

When Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, first met a journeyman musician named Bob Marley in 1972, he had a feeling that the young man might find success.

“He had a kind of aura about him,” Mr. Blackwell, 80, recalled in a recent interview. “I had an idea that he could have an impact.”


The Five Queens of Contemporary Cuban Music

In Cuba, royalty in music is clear to its sovereigns, especially among females, divas who have managed to forge and stay in popular preference for decades, despite coexisting in a guild of prodigal talent, high competitiveness, generations and modes in constant evolution, and in a contaminated-by-sexist-stereotypes society.


Eight Successful Latin American-Caribbean Artists in Canada

The Canadian musical scene, especially Toronto’s, is being increasingly influenced by styles, artists and sounds from Latin America and the Caribbean. The country’s extraordinary ethnic diversity has attracted talent from every corner of the earth, which has been blended with artists that import different cultural legacies and traditions, thus creating a priceless musical universe. The Canadian people, who like Caribbean and Latin American music, have embraced these new artists.



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