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The Top 5 Boldest Chefs of Latin America

Daring to surprise and captivate Latin American palates by means of an avant-garde cuisine is not a simple matter, especially when the result also attracts the most demanding patrons from other continents. Hours of research surrounded by seasonings, knives and stoves play the leading role in the creativity and versatility shown by the most outstanding Latin American chefs, who have been praised by important publications and international gastronomic awards.


8 foods every visitor to Peru should try

It's been influencing global cuisine for centuries, but Peru's culinary scene is finally getting the attention it deserves.

And for foodies, it's a destination worth checking out.

Since pre-Columbian times, ingredients have been sourced everywhere from the lofty heights of the Andes to the depths of the Pacific ocean and the eastern Amazon region.

Besides taking inspiration from the Incas, Peru's modern-day cuisine features influences from Japan, China, Italy and Spain.


Canada's 100 Best Restaurants announced

Break out your bibs, foodies, because Canada’s 100 best restaurants from coast-to-coast have just been revealed – and the winners are looking pretty tasty.

From Indian to Italian, comfort food and high-end dining, the winners of this year’s annual contest by prove that there are options for every type of palette and preference out there.

The question is: can you experience them all?


Food Production in Toronto: a Recipe for Innovation

Toronto is a town where people form long lines for a taste of Japanese cheesecake or a rustic brunch. With a half of the city’s population born outside of Canada, the downtown core and attached neighbourhoods easily offer anything from pho and jerk chicken to ballotines and samosas.

“I didn’t come from a farmland, I’m a city kid,” says Rae Williams, founder of beverage maker Rubee Roselle. “We had immigrant friends since a young age and we learned to love food and eat different things…the palate here just grows up like that.”


20 Food Festivals to Enjoy in Toronto This Summer

Summer food festivals are the perfect opportunity to get a taste of our city’s diverse culinary scene while soaking up some sunshine and hopefully discovering some new favourite dishes.

This summer, you can expect your calendar to be jam-packed with BBQs, street festivals, and plenty of meat sweats.

So grab a fork, these are the foodie events to have on your radar this summer.



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