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Toronto gets ready for 50th Caribbean Carnival

The launch was a cultural showcase and teaser event for the festival, slated to begin on July 17. Three groups with deep ties to the festival were featured: Toronto Mas Bands Association, Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes and the Ontario Steelpan Association.

    The annual carnival, formerly called Caribana until a trademark dispute forced a name change, is a raucous celebration of all things Caribbean. Music, dancing, colourful regalia and unmistakable island eats draw huge crowds to the city.


    These things are free for Canadians in celebration of Canada 150

    There’s more than just free flags, though. Various groups are giving away free things for Canada 150, from tchotchkes to more substantial items. Here’s how to get your hands on some.


    The Department of Canadian Heritage says it will be giving away free miniature Canadian flags at various fairs and events around the country.


    What does Latinx really mean?

    Refinery29 had recently decided to adopt the word Latinx, a phrase born in the early aughts to be more inclusive of Latinos who are gender-non-conforming. By dropping the masculine “o,” Latinx (pronounced lah-teen-ex) does not default to a masculine connotation or exclude anyone it’s meant to include.

    Can accents and tildes return to the official documents in California?

    If you’re like me and have an acute accent – or any other diacritical mark – in your name, you know that a little line can make the difference between a name that’s your own and one that’s not. For the last 30 years, the state of California – like many other places across the United States – has banned the use of accents and tildes in birth certificates and other official documents. But one bill could change that – thanks to parents Nancy Chaires Espinoza, a lobbyist, and Pablo Espinoza.


    Toronto Fashion Incubator: A resource for fledgling designers

    The TFI was originally launched by the City of Toronto as a centre to help new fashion designers create and maintain successful businesses. At the time, the fashion industry was one of the largest employers in Toronto, responsible for 20,000 jobs. As production began to move offshore, TFI’s mandate to keep creatives creating by providing business knowledge became even more important to the local economy and spawned international copycats in cities such as New York, Chicago and Sydney. Today, TFI maintains its original format, only on a larger scale.


    Everything you need to know about Rio Carnival

    The Rio Carnival is now less than a week away and many people in Brazil are already getting started with the festivities.

    The brightly coloured parade is considered one of the biggest in the world, with around 2 million people attending each year.

    Bright, extravagant costumes and endless samba dancing has made it a tourist hot-spot for those looking for a non-stop party.

    What is the Rio Carnival?

    The festival starts on a Friday each year and finishes on Ash Wednesday, which is when Lent begins.


    Sundance is Already a Festival for American Latinos

    Latinos born in the United States come up against a unique set of challenges compared to directors working in Latin America who often have access to government funding for their projects. The glaring differences are evidenced in the vast disparity between the amount of Latin American movies circling the globe at Class-A festivals compared to Latino ones.



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