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Top Six Most Important Cuban Painters at the Moment

The six Cuban visual artists keep on impressing critics and specialists, because of the thematic diversity, as well as for the appreciated formats and styles in their creations.  PanamericanWorld proposes to get closer to six Cuban painters who have reached world renown. Not a few of their work has been exposed in the main art galleries and several of them are part of private and public collections.


The 10 Best Cuban Filmmakers

In Cuba, there are no large shopping malls with modern movie theaters inside. Not to mention Imax and the 3D experience is very short. You shouldn’t expect either to find commercials about the most recent Hollywood productions, although the legal limbo left by Washington’s Blockade implies that the cinemas of this Caribbean Island, which barely charge 0.05 USD per ticket, show premiere films, without having an economic agreement with the distributors. In this sui generis context, the Cuban public can be considered a great film’s consumer and, above all, of national productions.


Five Latin actresses that turn-on with their beauty

Latin actresses may be among the most sensual people in the world; although more than a few of them have revealed themselves against stereotypes and clichés that circumscribe them only to "seductive bombs". They want to be recognized not only for their curves, but also for their charisma and talent in front of the cameras. Which are the most provocative? At PanamericanWorld we propose a tour of the career of five extraordinary women who combine their great physical beauty with a great aptitude for acting.


Six Art Galleries you Should Visit in Havana

With a diversity of curatorial profiles, at the initiative of the artists themselves or as prestigious institutions in the Cuban art promoting circuits, the art galleries in Havana live an expansion moment. They are a business strategy and, also, specific ways of conceiving and rethinking Cuban art. PanamericanWorld shows six galleries that illustrate the different paths of art commercialization in the Cuban capital.

Galería Habana

Chrislie Pérez.


Ten Afro-Cuban Actresses You Must Know

Back in 2015, Cuban actress Yordanka Ariosa made headlines at international level. During the 63rd edition of San Sebastian Movie Festival, she was given the Silver Shell for the leading role played in El Rey de La Habana (The King of Havana), directed by Spanish Agusti Villaronga. With that award, she joined the list that also comprises Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow, just to mention some of those stars.


Guyanese artists explore the experience of immigration at the Liminal Space exhibition opening in NY

“In the past five decades, migration has defined Guyana. Liminal Space brings together sixteen Guyanese artists living in Guyana and the United States who explore the relationship between migration and the idea of the “liminal” — from the Latin limens, which means “threshold,” a place of transition, waiting, and unknowing.



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