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Tauro F.C.

Tauro F.C.


Tauro Fútbol Club is a professional football club located in Panama City, Panama that plays in Liga Panameña de Fútbol, the top Panamanian football league. Tauro has won seven Liga Profesional de Fútbol Championships since 1988, the highest total of any team. The club has also finished second seven times. The team's colours are black and white because it is said that its founder, Giancarlo Gronchi, was a fan of Italian football team Juventus and wanted to have a similar uniform as the Italian side.
Tauro and Plaza Amador have been continuous rivals since ANAPROF started in 1988. They're both from Panama City itself, but do not play in the same stadium. The rivalry is referred to as "El Clásico" in Panama.

The team was founded by Italian industrialist, Giancarlo Gronchi. Its official website is
Prior to the creation of ANAPROF in 1988, Tauro participated in the ADECOPA and in the Liga Distritorial de Chepo (Chepo League). This was the league for teams in the eastern portion of the Panamá Province. Tauro was also one of the founding teams of ANAPROF in 1987.