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Colombians, actors in global world

Colombians, actors in global world

Posted by Adrian Pelaez on March 22, 2014

Colombia is talent. That would be the first thing I would say if  the slogan 'country trademark' was in my hands to manage.  Because despite all adversities, the Colombian has become an expert in being recursive. He is a natural entrepreneur. He has the same leadership qualities as those who stand out for making a difference. As a Colombian, I can assure we make it all with what there is, with what we have. We don't expect to have something to be happy, since happiness is in our nature.

Our cultural heritage has brought with itself a thousand things to solve. The culture of not knowing how to say no has turned into a competitive advantage. Although I must confess that not knowing how to say no but not saying yes either might cause delays and misunderstandings in business with third parties. The Colombian might take his time. He is a human being that, by nature, 'goes forward', he is an entrepreneur, a fighter of courage and bravery... able to achieve whatever his purposes are.

It is not about highlighting the bright, exaggerated and optimistic profile of the Colombian. We are what we are. But, among all those flaws emphasized by bad news that have beaten the self-esteem of a nation, it is time to talk about what distinguishes us. The Colombian as a fundamental actor in an Emerging Economy and who is already dictating paradigmes in a reginonal level. This is the moment for Colombian professionals to lead regional high-level companies. Being this a human talent appreciated by headhunters.

In my many trips around Latin America, product of of my job, I am used to seeing flights from and to Bogota with several Colombian executives who live outside our country, expatriates, who are in key positions, directing companies of high regional impact; companies that outstand in their countries' economy.

Human talent that is a product of inner competitiveness, where the best paid positions are only for a few. Where studying and training as a professional is a continuous constant in youth's education and goals. Professionals who know that companies have 'vertical' keys; such as sales, customer service, production, distribution, operations, etc. But also in innovation and entrepreneurship areas where they can equally compete with the world of StartUps and Sillicon Valley.

A global world, an open stage for those with an open mind. With skills and attitudes that don't stop their constant rise. Learning a new language, knowing other cultures, communicating and building nets is what allows them to tear down frontiers, that, as candidates to the global village, seem to erect as a cultural abyss.

Travelling for us is not very easy, because of geography, infraestructure and costs. Understanding that the world is for those who can interpret it, reach it and conquer it, is an advantage for those who achieve this.

The Colombian as an immigrant has a long-standing History. I am a son of Colombian immigrants and, at the same time, my children have a Colombian father who is an immigrant. I can tell from experience that we, Colombians, are used to challenges. Migrating and being loyal to our culture and people is born in the warmth of our families. We are a product of experiences that doesn't make us any different from an Italian in New York, a Mexican in California, a Cuban in Miami or a Spaniard in America.

And this is how I speak about the Colombian, sometimes in the first person, and some others referring to 'them' as a race of working people. It is not my intention to favour them over other nationalities. We all have an opportunity to stand out, we all have our personal touch. Colombia is its people, its people represent their country; and when we are away, we have a flag, not cloth-made or in colours, but in our accent, our manners and our behaviour, which speaks for us.


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