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Mike Trout

Mike Trout


Mike “The Millville Meteor” Trout has been taking the baseball world by storm. In his short time on the Major League, Trout has earned a number of awards, including Silver Slugger, Rookie of the Year, MLB Player’s Choice Outstanding Rookie, MLBPAA Heart and Hustle award, Baseball American Major League Player of the Year award, he was voted twice to play on the All-Stars game, and was runner up for the MVP. He is a small town boy who has become a baseball superstar.

Trout was born in Millville NJ, a small town with a strong baseball tradition, on August 7, 1991 into a middle class family . His father, Jeff Trout, was a baseball player too. He was drafted by the Twins on 1982 and played the for four seasons on the minor league. However, a knee injury marked the end of his career. Jeff went back to his hometown, Millville, where he became a history teacher and a baseball coach. Six years later, Mike was born.

Having been raised by a baseball coach was a big influence for Trout, although his father says that he tried not to influence him to much. “I didn’t want him to try to live in my footsteps. I didn’t want to live through him vicariously” Said Jeff Trout on an interview with Fox Sports West.

The enjoyment and passion for the game he shows combined with his innate physical attributes have been the key for success through all of his career. Even in High School where his coach, Roy Hallenbeck, said that he was just like any other kid outside the field. He liked to have fun and be with his friends. When he stept of the field, however, he was clearly the best player they had.

Mike played in the varsity team since his freshman year as a pitcher. He played in that position until his junior year. Trout was the best pitcher the school had, but his coach knew that his real potential was running the bases. Mike’s speed was superior to any of the other players. So, for Mike's senior year, his coach put him on the center field.

Junior year was when Trout realized he had an opportunity to go far on his baseball career. He started receiving college invitations and visits from scouts. One scout in particular was very interested in Mike: the Angel’s East Coast scout, Greg Morhardt, a minor league teammate of Mike’s father. Mike was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels on 2009. He quickly climbed the ladder as a minor league player until in 2011 he was called by the Angels making Trout the youngest player to debut in the MLB for the Angels since 1971. Nevertheless, his performance did not meet the standards of the team and he was sent back to the minors.

After another tremendous year on the minors, Mike was called to play for the Angels again on April 2012. This time it took about 10 days for him to get settled and from then on he dropped everyone’s jaw showcasing his incredible talent.


By Sebastian Llavaneras


Photo by Keith Allison

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