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Miguel Portes

Miguel Portes

Miguel Portes
Birth date: 
May 08, 1992

Miguel Alberto Portes Matías was born on May 8th, 1992. 

He begins swimming at the age of three years old in the Dorados del Club Paraíso team due to his chronic asthma condition. 

In 2011 Portes enters the Dominican Republic National Swim Team in Open Waters. 

The "One Million Meters for a better future, Aquatic Marathon" celebrated at the Body Shop Athletic Club in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic consisted in swimming during 24 hours straight in relays until meeting the one million meters and the funds raised were destined to the local catholic television channel Televida. Portes, broke four records duing the celebration of the aquatic marathon.

At 21 years old Portes broke the record set by Marcos Díaz in 2002 of 50km in 11 hours 56 minutes, executing it in 11 hours 38 minutes during the activity. 

He also broke the record of the marathon established as a national brand in 1980 by Victor Masalles, currently Bishop of the Archidiosesis of Santo Domingo, Portes's new record of 53km in 12 hours 21 minutes. He also broke Marcos Díaz's 60km in 14 hours 50 minutes with his 60km in 14 hours 05 minutes. 

Finally, Portes broke the record of most meters swum in a pool event, reaching 61km.