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Will 2015 be Neymar's Year?

Will 2015 be Neymar's Year?

Posted by Juan Gavasa on January 06, 2015

Brazilian starlet Neymar Junior had a huge 2014. He went from being just another one of Barcelona and Brazil’s attackers to becoming the real star, both at the club and international levels, and only the Verde Amarela’s disastrous exit from the World Cup stood between him and a spot in the finalist for the Ballon d’Or. But will 2015 be his year? There are many reasons to think so.

The changing of the guard is coming

Every few years, there’s a clean sweep of stars in world soccer. That way, the big names of 2010 —Diego Forlan, Mesut Ozil, Andres Iniesta, etc.— have made way to the new generation.

With Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo still pushing along as they inch closer to their 30s, the younger stars are bound to take over, and alongside Eden Hazard, Thomas Muller, or Isco, Neymar is ready to grab the scepter as the best player in the world.

Having done so much at 22 years old, it only makes sense that the Brazilian will be battle for the Ballon D’Or very soon — 2015 may just be the year.

Neymar is ready to be number one in Barcelona and Brazil

There’s no knowing how Messi will react in 2015, and whether or not we’ll see his best version again, but we know for sure Neymar will for sure continue his progression, and taking into account what he has done already, we are in for a treat.

Neymar knows he is Brazil’s most important player, and Dunga has made a vow to help him shine every time he suits up for Brazil so he can get closer to the FIFA Player of the Year award.

In Barcelona, Messi has earned the right to decide how long he will remain as the top player in the Blaugrana squad, but as long as he continues with his on and off performances, Neymar will have no issues became the fan’s favorite very soon.

Copa America will dictate the Ballon d’Or

As every year there is a big tournament over the summer, whoever stands out in it has a great chance to grasp the most coveted individual award in professional soccer.

Although historically the Euro and, of course, the World Cup, have had a larger influence in those years’ awards, Copa America 2015, in Chile, is gearing up to be one of the most talent-filled tournaments in the last few years.

With stars like Luis Suarez, Lio Messi, Angel Di Maria, Arturo Vidal or James Rodriguez, winning the tournament will likely give the main star of the competition an edge on the race to the Ballon d’Or — unless Cristiano Ronaldo keeps reeling in goals and trophies.

Neymar wins in style

The fact of the matter is that Neymar adds an inspirational element to his game. He is not the perfect scoring machine the Cristiano Ronaldo has demonstrated to be in the last decade, nor the unshakable leader Messi has become on the field, but the Brazilian has brought back the smile and the magic of legends like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, and he seems a lot more focused than his predecessors were in their careers.

When Neymar grabs the ball, fans know something amazing is bound to happen, but to that he adds effectiveness and an extra touch of beauty that doesn’t seem negotiable, and that’s the kind of thing that makes his plays memorable.

As captains and coaches of all FIFA affiliated nations prepare to cast their votes next year, surely Neymar’s actions will stand out from his opponents because of his unique style.

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