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What to do this ‘Dieciocho’? Check out here a complete guide for the chilean Fiestas Patrias

What to do this ‘Dieciocho’? Check out here a complete guide for the chilean Fiestas Patrias

Posted by José Peralta on September 16, 2014

With the “Fiestas Patrias” fast approaching, many Santiago residents have left the city for greener or sandier pastures. However, the innumerable “fondas” — makeshift parties that serve traditional food and drink and host folkloric and contemporary bands — situated throughout the city create a jovial atmosphere prime for revellers. Here is a compilation of some of the best.

Gran Fonda Guachaca 2014

One of the biggest events of the “Fiestas Patrias” period takes place in the Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho. The converted train station will host a two-day musical extravaganza with a strong focus on dancing and will include such acts as La Chimba y Chuchunco, the Santiaguinos and some jazz courtesy of Parquímetro Briceño and La Banda Dominguera.

Where: Estación Mapocho, Cal y Canto metro.
When: Sept. 18 and 19, from 9 p.m. onwards.
Tickets: 6,000 from the Ticketek website.

La Gran Fonda Nacional en Matucana 100

The Matucana 100 Cultural Center will also play host to a two-day music festival of sorts with a different twist on the Guachaca. Thursday night sees Chilean funk bands Los Tetas — who once opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers — and Chancho en Piedra head the bill.

Friday night offers something different again and is headlined by two-time Chilean National Music Prize winner and pop-folk artist Manuel García. The event also claims to boast unrivalled “terremotos,” a national Chilean cocktail made from pipeño — a potent fermented young wine — and pineapple ice-cream, which should be enough to persuade any who are still undecided.

Where: Matucana 100, Bellas Artes.
When: Sept. 18 and 19, from 8 p.m. onwards.
Tickets: Start from 10,000 pesos from Ticketek.

Fonda Pobre de Guachupé

The Chilean band Guachupé, whose musical style portrays a variety of influences including the quintessentially Latin cumbia, are putting on a three-day music showcase at Bar Las Tejas. The bill is filled with acts from the Latin American fusion movement, such as Banda Conmoción, Sonora 3 Estrellas, Ana Tijoux and Villa Cariño.

Where: Bar Las Tejas, near Universidad de Chile metro.
When: Sept. 18, 19 and 20.
Tickets: 7,000 pesos from Ticketek.

Fonda Permanente

Also a three-day celebration, Fonda Permanente offers many of the same acts as the Fonda Pobre de Guachupé. Names such as Villa Cariño and Banda Conmoción will be making another appearance at a unique venue which will stay open until the early hours.

Where: Espacio Broadway.
When: Sept. 18, 19 and 20.
Tickets: Start from 5,000 pesos.

Gran Fiesta Chilena

The cueca is the national dance of Chile, and on the night before Sept. 18, two bands called Los Benjamines and De Caramba will come together for the fourth year in a row to get people dancing to the traditional Chilean music. The small nature of the venue promises to provide a special atmosphere for a memorable evening.

Where: Comercio Atlético.
When: Sept. 17.

Fonda para Vegetarianos: Parrilla Verde

The final event on this list offers something different from the other more music-oriented fondas. Parrilla Verde launched last year to great success and had over 1,000 visitors. The main attraction is, obviously, the food and drink.

Highlights include “mote con huesillo” — a traditional Chilean peach and wheat drink — and various vegetarian sausages and burgers. However, there are a multitude of activities including live music, art exhibitions and competitions for the whole family.

Where: Jardín de Lotus, Providencia.
When: Sept. 18, 19 and 20, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Tickets: 3,500 pesos and includes a vegetable empanada.

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