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What about Guillermo Ochoa in Malaga

What about Guillermo Ochoa in Malaga

Posted by Ricardo Vázquez on September 24, 2014

When Guillermo Ochoa was hired by Spain's Málaga, no one doubted that he would be the team's starting goalkeeper. However, before the first League match against the Atlético de Bilbao, the Mexican goalie was benched by coach Javier Gracia, who chose Carlos Idriss Kameni from Cameroon instead, after years of being a substitute.

What happened? 

Journalists who cover the Málaga attribute Gracia's decision to three factors. First and foremost: "Memo arrived in bad shape," said Sergio Cortés, who writes for the newspaper Diario Sur. Ochoa "made many mistakes in his first game and that marked him." 

Then there is the economic issue. "Kameni took a pay cut to stay in the team, so he won points," said Manuel García of La Opinión. 

The last reason has to do with the fact that recruiting Ochoa, "was not so necessary. Since Willy Caballero left, everything pointed to Kameni becoming the starting goalie. Memo was brought so that the public would forget Caballero," Cortés explained.

In Málaga, Memo has not talked about the issue because "he is not allowed". All he has said is: "I know I am in a new team and I have to adapt to it." However, he added that he will "not give up, this is just beginning."

Miguel Herrera, coach of Mexico's national soccer team, said: "When the manger (of the Málaga) realizes what Memo can do, he will surely play." 

The Mexican has rarely been seen in action in Málaga. "We only have one image of him, at the Costa del Sol tournament against Fiorentina. He was nervous and failed." Manuel García of La Opinión said.

Antonio Gallardo from Diario AS thinks it is unlikely that Ochoa gets to play. "Unless there is a penalty, injury, or Kameni fails terribly, I do not think Ochoa has any chance of playing," Gallardo said.

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