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Walters To Defend Title In October

Walters To Defend Title In October

Posted by Shanelle Weir on August 05, 2014

Jamaica's Nicholas Walters, the World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight champion, will be moving his training base from Panama to California today, and will be there for the next several weeks as it has been confirmed that he will be making his next title defence in October.

His manager, Jacques Deschamps, told The Gleaner yesterday that Walters, who is now being promoted by world leading promotion company Top Rank, which is headed by Bob Arum, will definitely be fighting in October, although the opponent has not yet been finalised.

Boasting a 24-0 record with 20 knockout victories, Walters is not only riding high, but is also becoming a feared opponent and Deschamps confided that his fighter's record is making bouts hard to arrange, as several top boxers approached do not want to fight him.

"We have a short list of opponents and are now just trying to tie up some loose ends," said Deschamps.

Intense Training

Walters told The Gleaner that he has been back in serious training and is anxious to get back into the ring at an early date, following his dramatic fifth round knockout victory over Vic Darchinyan, in Macau, China, on May 31. He said that he wants to keep busy and is highly motivated when he is preparing for a specific fight, rather than just going to the gym day after day with no opponent in sight.

"I am happiest when I am in the ring against an opponent and doing what I am being paid to do," he said.

Speaking about the training session in California, Deschamps said they will team up with trainer Rudy Hernandez, who will make Walters sharper.

"There is a very good trainer in California named Rudy Hernandez, who is going to work with him there for awhile. Hernandez is part of our training team and was in Nick's corner in China for the last fight. He saw some things that he would like to work on with Nicholas to make him sharper and we have agreed to send him there for at least two weeks. It could be longer if Rudy thinks that it is necessary."

Another benefit from this special training camp, Deschamps said, is that Walters will be working out at the Wild Card Gym, run by world-famous trainer Freddie Roach, and he will therefore have the benefit of rubbing shoulders with several other world champions, and work with top-class sparring partners.

"He stands to benefit a lot from this and will be that much better prepared for his next opponent, whoever he is, in October," Deschamps said.

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