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Vizquel candidate to coach Texas Rangers

Vizquel candidate to coach Texas Rangers

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on September 09, 2014

The Texas Rangers are looking for manager for the next season in the majors and the Texans media start giving the names of some candidates. According to the Dallas Morning News, Omar Vizquel would be a candidate for the position.

According to media reports, Vizquel is a "potential candidate" and would have pros like a good relationship with the star shortstop of the organization, Elvis Andrus, and the ability to speak two languages ​​fluently (English and Spanish ). Currently Vizquel takes his first experience as first base coach and infield with the Detroit Tigers and still has a year contract with the team.

During his stay with the Rangers in 2009, Vizquel mentored Andrus and Jurickson Profar, work that paved his way as a coach.

At the conclusion of the season, one of the priorities of the Texas organization will be to begin the search for a pilot to fill the vacancy left by Ron Washington. The Dallas Morning News mentions that the strongest candidates to be in the position are Tim Bogar, current pitching coach; Mike Maddux, pitching coach; Steve Buechele, manager at Triple A, and Don Wakamatsu, bench coach of the Kansas City Royals.

Vizquel, 47, could go in the footsteps of Oswaldo Guillén y Alfredo Pedrique, who at the moment are the only Venezuelan manager with performance in the major leagues. The Texan command would also be contemplating continuing the trend in the majors, to provide opportunities for leaders with little experience like Brad Ausmus (Detroit), Mike Matheny (St. Louis) or the same Guillén at the time with the Chicago White Sox.

According to Jon Daniels, general manager, the Rangers will offer a "long-term option based on what is best for the organization, the club and move on." Today, Texas is the last place in the American League West Division without any chance of qualifying for the playoffs.


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