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Vinotinto starts the post Farias era in Honduras

Vinotinto starts the post Farias era in Honduras

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on March 04, 2014

Venezuelan national team traveled Monday afternoon to San Pedro Sula, where they will face Honduras in their first game of the post Cesar Farias era. Under the leaderhip of interim Manuel Plasencia, the delegation departed full of hope, and with the promise of leaving everything on the field in a match that will have “nothing friendly", reported Diario Lider en Deportes. "It's always very good to get together, especially now that a new group is going to be made. We have new players, and others who haven’t played for a while, and must be taken responsibly,"said Agnel Flores, who had enough involvement in the previous cycle.

Along midfielder from Tachira other athletes that joined the call are: Leo Morales, Jose Contreras, Rubert Quijada, Agnel Flores, Arquimedes Figuera, Edgar Jimenez, Romulo Otero, Yohandry Orozco, Pedro Ramirez, Alejandro Guerra, Danny Cure, Javier Gonzalez, Gelmin Rivas with Manuel Plasencia and his staff. In Honduras they are going to meet up with Roberto Rosales, Alex Gonzalez, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, Fernando Aristeguieta and “Luisma" Seijas.

"It's always an honor to wear our shirt, I think we all feel that way, and with that idea on mind we will tackle this match, facing a complicated rival, with World Cup class players. Venezuela will try to win as it is not a friendly game, but preparation," said defender Javier Gonzalez.

"This international experience is always important. It's good that we start this cycle in this way, against a World Cup team, we require much effort. We will aim as high as possible, as always, because one never gets onto the field to lose," said Pedro Ramirez.

"We know this is just the beginning, there is still much to do before fighting again for a place in the World Cup, but we should already start thinking about that. We want to make a good qualifying round; hopefully a new coach is coming soon. Once together, we can do it in a good way, and achieve once and for all the dream of qualifying for that competition. We players are committed to do our best, starting with this friendly" concluded Yohandry Orozco, who feels ready to take a more active role in this era.

Venezuela plays this friendly amid a major social conflict, so players also see the match as an opportunity to give their country a bit of happiness. "In this difficult time I think that soccer can give joy to all, although it is a friendly. That's what we'll try," said Edgar Jimenez. "Hopefully this match will bring people together again, to shout out goals without seeing the political tendency” wanted Alejandro Guerra.

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