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Víctor Estrella Burgos: Winning my first title in Ecuador was the best

Víctor Estrella Burgos: Winning my first title in Ecuador was the best

Posted by Juan Gavasa on February 16, 2015

Our latest King of the Court is Victor Estrella Burgos, the 34-year-old who became the oldest first-time ATP World Tour title champion after winning the Ecuador Open Quito last week.

Age is no barrier for Estrella Burgos who is currently playing the best tennis of his career, having gone from a ranking of No 331 less than two years ago to his current career-high position of No 52.

Estrella Burgos was named as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Dominican Republic by President Danilo Medina on Wednesday following his success in Ecuador.

 What is the best match you have ever played?

The best match I’ve ever played was the Ecuador Open Quito final [against Feliciano Lopez]. I had never felt so much pressure to win a match, thank God at the end I was able to relax a little bit more and manage the pressure that affects us athletes so much.

Being able to manage the pressure on the third set tiebreak and play at the level that I played, and hit the sort of shots that I hit on that last tiebreak, without a doubt it was my best match.

What is your worst match?

I’ve played quite a lot, but definitely one of my worst matches was two weeks ago at the Bucaramanga Challenger. I was feeling very uncomfortable playing against Daniel Gimeno-Traver where I lost 6-0, 6-4.

It was a very uncomfortable match where I did not put any balls in, where I won three games but just because he missed. For sure this was one of my worst matches.

If you could team up in doubles with any player from history, who would it be and why?

I would play doubles with John McEnroe. From what I’ve seen, I think that we are very similar in how we play, we always go forward, and we move very quickly at the net. I’m sure that we would make quite an explosive team.

Who are your best friends in the locker room and what do you get up to with them as you travel the world?

I’m friends with everyone. During tournaments I’m always teasing everyone, all the players know how I am. I’m quite a happy person but I have good friends on the tour. I get along well with Joao Souza, we have a close friendship. I also get along with the Colombian players, Alejandro Falla is a good friend of mine. I think that these two players are the ones I’m closest to and the ones I can talk to about anything.

What is the strangest or funniest question you’ve been asked in press?

One of the funniest questions I’ve been asked is why I play so many forehands. I think that this question is one of the funniest ones because people know my game, they know that my strength is my forehand, and I have to play it as much as I can. People ask me ‘why don’t you play more backhands?’, it makes me laugh. If I can use my forehand, why would I use my backhand when it is not as good? 

Who is your favourite sports team or athlete and what is your most memorable moment watching them?

I’ve had a few. One of them was watching Felix Sanchez win the first gold medal for the Dominican Republic in the 400m hurdles at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. And watching Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz when they won the baseball World Series in Boston. These were unforgettable moments where Boston Red Sox was the team I followed in the big league.

What is your favourite travel destination away from the tour?

There is nothing I like more than being in the Dominican Republic when I’m not on the tour. There is no other country in this world I want to be in as much as I want to be in the Dominican Republic. Without a doubt that’s my favourite place to be when I’m not playing tennis.

What is your favourite song and film of all time?

My favourite song, I have so many... but here is one, Tan Solo Por Un Beso from Romeo Santos.My favourite movie is Rocky.

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