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Venezuelan pharmacies reported 60% decline in inventory

Venezuelan pharmacies reported 60% decline in inventory

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on December 02, 2014

Besides food shortages, the main concern of Venezuelans focuses on the lack of medicines, ranging from acetaminophen to medicines for serious diseases, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, among others.

In that sense, the president of the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela, Freddy Ceballos, reported the current fault inventory of drugs in pharmacies is greater than 60%.

"A pharmacy receives a batch of drugs, and then it is not certain when they will be able to replace them. Every day is increasing the lack of products as a result of the delay in the settlement of foreign currency to purchase inputs to produce or import products. This situation prevents applications providers abroad regularize "he said. Ceballos said that this situation will be worsening with the advancement of holidays in the sector.

The producers, importers and distributors of drugs, medical supplies and equipment often give their workers collective holidays from December 15th.

However, this year many of these companies started the vacations yesterday due the lack of material.

50% of companies engaged in distributing these products and affiliated to the Venezuelan Association of Distributors of Medical Equipment, Dental, Laboratory and Allied started vacations because they do not have merchandise to distribute said a source.

"This year's allocation of foreign exchange to companies to produce and import was deficient, limiting the manufacture and distribution accordingly. The drawback of firms working time next year will be gradual, but the same situation, most will begin operations in February, "he said.

The requirement currency to cover medical supplies and equipment in the country are approaching one billion dollars annually, but in 2014 the sector was only awarded with approximately $250 million, this is, only 25% of what is needed.

 In meetings with government representatives of the health sector warned them about the holiday season, the priority in foreign exchange settlement was for Christmas products, the source said.

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