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Uruguayan designers aim to expand globally

Uruguayan designers aim to expand globally

Posted by PanamericanWorld on October 05, 2015

Uruguayan clothing, shoe and accessory designers held a series of meetings in Montevideo with five foreign companies in an effort to cut deals and create opportunities for overseas expansion.

The Uruguay XXI Institute, an agency focusing on manufacturing investments and foreign trade, and the Design Association sponsored the talks over the weekend while the 11th Itau MoWeek, the most important fashion event in the South American country and one of leading regional events of its kind, was taking place.

Executives of companies from Colombia, the United States and Peru met for 20 minutes each with representatives of Uruguayan brands they had selected previously on the basis of design profiles.

Uruguayan designers offered "versatile and youthful lines of well-worked products," Patricia Loayza, manager of Peruvian clothing and leather accessories firm Ignacio Correa, told EFE.

"I congratulate them because they are young designers between 20 and 30 starting out and promoting their own brands," Loayza said. "Their products have a youthful, modern and European look that has nothing to envy big-name brands."

Maria Angela Rago, marketing executive of Uruguayan footwear firm Bisignano, told EFE the company's goal was to reach markets in Europe and the United States, and she hoped this round of contacts would help in getting there.

Rago, whose company manufactures Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez's shoes, said that in the meetings with foreign companies, she emphasized the exclusive features of Bisignano footwear since there was too much uniformity in the men's shoe market.

Agustina Quartino, of women's leather shoe manufacturer Telma, told EFE that without these kinds of meetings there would be few chances to showcase her company's products before international buyers.

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