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Unstoppable Yangervis Solarte at Yankee Stadium

Unstoppable Yangervis Solarte at Yankee Stadium

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on April 08, 2014

Early in the morning Yangervis Solarte with his teammates landed in New York and after the arrival, the group moved to the Bronx direct way. Solarte, first Venezuelan to debut in the majors this season and the 303 on the venezuelan list, for the first time experiencing what it means to be part of the Yankees clubhouse.
"Being part of all this is something unforgettable, I bristled ski , playing in Yankee Stadium should be something different for every player", said Solarte by telephone to a recognized newspaper of Venezuela from New York. "It was an indescribable feeling when I saw my name on the locker, I realized it really worth fighting to achieve your dreams".
For the first time in his career, Solarte heard how the Bleacher Creatures, fans of section 39 of the right-field bleachers chanted his name before the initial launch of the duel in which faced the Baltimore Orioles. "I'm a lucky at baseball, I think all this is the result of much work and all the effort I did to get this opportunity with the Yankees , now is when I'm watching the results" said Solarte, who is the fourteenth " bombardero" that connects at least one hit, one run and produces scores on his debut at Yankee Stadium.

In his first six games with the Yankees, Yangervis leads the offensive team in hits (9), RBIs (6) and total bases (13), part of the New York hogging media attention, busy with bachelor Jeter and adaptation Masahiro Tanaka . "All my teammates are making me feel like a star. It's funny sometimes , but certainly I'm enjoying it".
Rookie explains the feelings of his first steps in the majors. "I'm living this day, thanking God for each game, running a good way to respond to every detail of the trust manager and give good results". Solarte that Jeter has been one of those who attended to suit the traditions of the club. "There are many things that you learn in this environment, I'm surrounded by players who are an example to many. I'm picking each of their advice and trying to implement them, I know there are high demands on this team."
"By playing with this uniform you get every day with a different motivation, try to take advantage to the fullest every moment and every action game in which I can participate , there are not many who have the privilege of earning an opportunity like this".

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