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Uber and Airbnb now in business class

Uber and Airbnb now in business class

Posted by Liliana Castaño on July 29, 2014

Uber addicts will have to start competing with a lot more briefcase-carrying people in suits now that the on-demand ride app is rolling out Uber for Business, part of its plan to cater to business travelers. Uber for Business lets users bill their companies directly for taking trips with Uber and offers a platform for companies to easily track Uber expenses. On top of that, Uber will partner with business management services giant Concur, integrating Uber into the more than 25 million Concur accounts worldwide to put Uber use into expense reports automatically.

If all of this sounds a lot like what Airbnb announced on Monday, that's because it's essentially the same plan, adapted for transport instead of hospitality. Concur even announced its partnerships with both companies in the same release. From Concur's perspective, both partnerships fit into the same system, offering a combo package for its users with two of the most important brands in the sharing economy.

"This new generation of platform partners reflects the transformation taking place for today’s business customer, said Tim MacDonald, executive vice president at Concur in the release. "By partnering with these innovative companies, we are building a connected platform that radically improves the experience for the business traveler. With Airbnb and Uber, we are enabling, in business travel, what consumers already enjoy about collaborative consumption in their leisure. Capturing this spend then gives companies greater real-time transparency into traveler expenditure and itineraries."

Uber for Business has already lined up some big name customers. Tesla Motors has been piloting the program to give rides to customers when their cars are being repaired, and online fashion and shopping startup Gilt City uses the program to ferry around models for fashion shoots. It's not just tech companies either. According to Uber, major clients like Deutsche Bank and Barclays Americas have also signed up for Uber for Business.

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