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T&T Aiming for Two Teams to Qualify for Rio 2016

T&T Aiming for Two Teams to Qualify for Rio 2016

Posted by Shanelle Weir on December 08, 2014

Brian Lewis, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC), is keen on seeing Trinidad and Tobago being represented at the 2016 Olympic Games in two team events.

In a release to the media, Lewis stated: “The goal of two or more team sports qualifying for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games requires two fundamental elements.” 

He explained that “national sport organisations must share the TTOC’s vision of Olympic qualification — qualifying for the Olympics must be as important to the national sport organisation as it is for the TTOC” and “national sport organisations must have a High Performance plan that is based on best practices.” 

In reviewing the performances of the national team sports at the recent Central America and Caribbean (CAC) Games held in Vera Cruz, Mexico last month, Lewis pointed out that only two team sports out of nine returned with medals. 

The Men’s Hockey team returned home with a silver medal while the men’s rugby 7s team earned a bronze medal. 

Rio Olympic Games qualification in most team sports would be determined in 2015. 

The TTOC had made it clear that team sports who medalled at the CAC Games would be shortlisted for resource assistance in 2015 with the stated objective of qualifying for Rio 2016. 

The TTOC General Council will meet at 5pm today at Olympic House to discuss mainly the CAC Games Veracruz 2014 report. 

On the issue of High Performance, Lewis added, “Trinidad and Tobago bringing home ten or more Olympic gold medals is both realistic and achievable. Sustained effort, scientific approaches, and ongoing development programmes are all necessary ingredients.” 

He noted that a critical success factor is access to dedicated, predictable and systematic funding but believes the challenge is to dedicate and commit the requisite resources both at the administrative and technical levels. 

“A mechanism through which Government can fund Olympic and High Performance Sport is by dedicating a percentage of Lottery Funds to sport. Great Britain is an example of how National lottery funding of their sporting system made them one of the sporting super powers at the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he continued. 

Lewis believes Trinidad and Tobago can develop and sustain a high performance system that could deliver success once the dedicated financial investment is made. 

“We can compete on equal terms on the World and Olympic stage. We have the talent and potential to develop a world class high performance infrastructure and system that will deliver Olympic, World and Continental Champions and World and Olympic championship qualifiers on a sustainable basis,” he declared.

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