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Tribute concert to Gustavo Cerati: "Te veré volver"

Tribute concert to Gustavo Cerati: "Te veré volver"

Posted by José Peralta on October 07, 2014

 Te Veré Volver is a concert that will be part of the album to be released in honor of the legendary Cerati. More than twenty artists will be gathering at the Movistar Arena to perform the tribute to a much-loved artist in the music industry.

Among those attending and taking part in the collaborative album of national bands and soloist with Cerati’s greatest hits include: Lucybell, Nicole, Fernando Milagros, Pedro Piedra, Álvaro y Gonzalo López, Javiera Parra, María Colores, Gepe, Sergio Lagos, De Saloon and Natalino.

The concert will last for more than two hours and will serve as a tribute and appreciation to the musical legacy that is Gustavo Cerati – one of the greatest artists of Latin Rock.

The singer songwriter was first known for his role as a member of Soda Stereo, which was considered by many critics as the most important and influential band of Latin Rock. Cerati released his first solo album, Amor Amarillo, in 1994.

After Soda Stereo‘s breakup, Cerati released a number of solo albums that quickly gained fame and his songs reached the top of the charts. Bocanada is marked by the heavy use of electronic samples and beats; some of his most loved hits from the album include the songs “Engaña”, “Río Babel” and “Puente.”

Some other albums that reached fame throughout the Latin American world of music include +Bien, 11 Episodios Sinfónicos, Siempre es Hoy, Ahí Vamos and Fuerza Natural.

Cerati won numerous awards during his musical lifetime and won various Grammys, such as Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.

In 2010, Cerati suffered a stroke. After four years in a coma, Cerati passed away from a respiratory arrest on September 14, 2014. During the years of his coma, various artists paid tribute to him, including Shakira and the irish band U2 and thousands of people around the world prayed for their musical hero to wake up.

The concert held in his remembrance will serve as a tribute to the musical man who was loved by so many around the world.

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