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Top Five Teams to Attract Most of the Attention in Rio 2016

Top Five Teams to Attract Most of the Attention in Rio 2016

Posted by Miguel Ernesto on July 06, 2016

Team sports are foreseen to deliver quite exciting moments during Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and the fact that there are no longer tickets available to attend the games that will be played by the US basketball team and Brazilian soccer and volleyball teams, speaks high of that. The expectation is huge to see Neymar fighting for the only title needed by the country with the biggest number of soccer players, and there is great enthusiasm to enjoy the performance by the United States’ “Dream Team”, which is going to do its best to obtain its third crown in a row; although these won’t be the only teams trying to strengthen their legend in Rio.

US Basketball Dream Team

Since professional basketball was admitted in the Olympic program, back in 1992, the teams introduced by the United States have always been described as favorites to stand on top on the podium. The strongest team of all time played in Barcelona, which included super stars Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone and seropositive “Magic” Johnson. That group was labeled “Dream Team” and the following teams were given the same name, although the lineup has sometimes been far from the 1992’s.

United States has prevailed in terms of the Olympic basketball since Condal City, with four titles out of the possible six. The US teams failed in Sidney, where they played with a low-level team after the NBA strike, and in 2004, with a stronger team, they were defeated by an inspired Argentina. Afterwards, they were back on track, with wins in Beijing and London, after having defeated Spain.

What could happen in Rio? Such stars as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, LaMarcus Aldridge and James Harden won’t participate in the Olympic edition; but, anyway, in his last tournament as the head of the US team, Coach Mike Krzyzewsk put together a group of talented players, spearheaded by Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, which is still the favorite to hold the title.

Anthony’s name will be written in record books, since this is going to be his fourth edition of the Olympic Games and he’ll be seeking his third gold medal. With Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, Paul George, among others, supporting Durant and Anthony, this “Dream Team” has everything it needs to win at the South American city.

The Brazilian Soccer’s Olympic Dream

Soccer is a national passion in Brazil. That’s the country where this sport is played the most, with the biggest number of teams, in different levels, and the national team has collected most of World Cup titles, with five championships; however, the South American giant hasn’t won an Olympic tournament. They are looking forward to changing this situation in Rio and one of the best players of the world is included in the lineup: Neymar Jr.

Over the past two years, the Brazilian team has had bad moments. In front of its public, during the 2014 World Cup, the team was humiliated by Germany in the semifinal; it was later eliminated in quarterfinals during the 2015 Copa America and, in Copa America Centenario, it didn’t even make through the first stage. The terrible results brought about the dismissal of Dunga as head coach and the hiring of Tite; although he won’t be coaching the team in Rio, Rogerio Micale will.

All eyes will be focused on Neymar Jr. The Barcelona star decided to participate in the Olympic Games instead of the Copa América Centenario and millions of Brazilian fans expect the captain’s goals to lead the way to the title. Moreover, talented Douglas Costa is also a member of the team, who plays for Munich Bayern and Marquinhos, Paris Saint Germain.

Volleyball Queens

Brazil’s women’s volleyball team is ready to repeat the feat achieved by the Cuban team: winning three Olympic titles in a row.

The Brazilian girls were victorious in Beijing and London, and for Rio head coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes counts on such stars as veteran Fabiana and Thaisa. The only uncertain element is the presence in the team of Fabiola, who recently had a baby.

Brazil holds the highest number of Grand Prix titles in the International Federation and, although it’s not on top of the world ranking at the moment, it’s the favorite to win in front of its public. 

Who stops the US girls’ goal?

There is no doubt in terms of the favorite in women’s soccer: the US team has won everything and its lineup is made up of highly-experienced players like Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

Since women’s soccer was admitted in the Games’ official program, in Atlanta 1996, the United States has won four out of the five tournaments held to date. It only fell in Sidney 2000, against Norway.

The present world and Olympic champions have Carli Lloyd as the attacking leader. She scored the decisive goal against Brazil, in extra time, in the final of Beijing, 2008, and she later scored twice against Japan, when playing for the gold in London. In Rio, the Brazilian players are going to fight for their first Olympic crown and the fact of being playing in their own field gives them some advantage; but the US team is the favorite.

German & Dutch Players: Unstoppable with the Hockey Pole

Two teams will try to consolidate their legacy in field hockey. Over the past decade, Germany’s men and the Netherlands’ women have mastered this sport and both teams are going to do their best to conquer their third consecutive crown in Olympic Games.

The Dutch team has another Olympic title, won in Los Angeles 1984, and seven world crowns. Will Argentina’s Lions be capable of stopping them? It seems hard to achieve.

The Germans have won four Olympic Games, including Munich 1972 and Barcelona 1992. In Rio they’ll try to include a new star in their uniform.

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