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Top 6 Peru's Beaches & Pacific Coast

Top 6 Peru's Beaches & Pacific Coast

Posted by PanamericanWorld on July 26, 2017

Peru's very long Pacific Coast (over 2500km long) doesn't boast any genuinely spectacular beaches, but none-the-less there are plenty of pretty decent options. If you come with low expectations, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by Peru's beaches. Most vacations to Peru are pretty active trips, but none-the-less there are a handful of good places to relax on the beach after more adventurous activites in the highlands. Peru's best beaches are found to the North - you should catch a domestic flight to Tumbes, and travel South to beach resorts such as Mancora and Punta Sal. The tourist high season from December to March can be very busy, especially at weekends.

We'll mention Peru's best beach resorts in order as one travels South from Tumbes, which is close to the border with Ecuador.


The first beach resort found South of Tumbes can be a little busy with local people, but has a fine sandy beach and good surf. There's plenty of decent hotels and fine seafood restaurants in town.

Punta Sal

Punta Sal is a more upmarket resort than it's neighbour Mancora (see below), which is 20km to the South. Playa Punta Sal is a beautiful 3km long sandy beach that is consdiered to be one of Peru's best beaches. In the low season, it can be very quiet and relaxing here. There's various upmarket hotels to choose from.


Mancora is a small, attractive resort town popular with surfers, backpackers travelling to/from Ecuador's nearby border and young Peruvians from the capital Lima. There is a long, sandy beach in the town (good for swimming and surfing alike), plus other lovely sandy beaches to the South of town. There's plenty of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels in Mancora here - it's quite a happening place. December to Easter Week is the high season, and can get very busy with mainly Peruvian and Ecuadorean tourists.

Cabo Blanco

Travel a little South of Mancora to find Cabo Blanco, a place particularly popular with surfers and big game fishermen. The surfing here is almost legendary, as is the big game fishing. The beach is pretty fine too.

Colan Beach

West of Piura, this small but pleasant beach resort has a fine sandy beach and calm waters for swimming.

Huanchaco & Puerto Chicama

Just North of Trujillo (Lima's second largest city - a pleasant place with a colonial centre and nearby archaeological sites) lies Huanchaco. Huanchaco is a surfing and fishing village with plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from. The village i

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