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Top 5 NYC Startups That Will Make You Sit Up

Top 5 NYC Startups That Will Make You Sit Up

Posted by PanamericanWorld on June 22, 2015

Over the past years, the city of New York has been touted as the next Silicon Valley after being known as a startup hotbed next to the likes of other world-class cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore and Los Angeles. Here are some startups to watch for should you need inspiration on what it takes to be an up-and-coming startup in New York City.

Oscar - simplifying health insurance for the 21st century

Simplicity and awesome design was in the minds of Oscar’s founders, Josh Kushner, Kevin Nazemi, Mario Schlosser, when they created the startup. And by the looks of public response as well as its $175 million (and counting!) in funding, they’re looking to create waves and revolutionizing the otherwise archaic world of health insurance.

Power to Fly - opening up the tech market towards female talents

Its founders Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry. started the company to give women the job opportunities they deserve. It’s no secret that gender discrimination and tiresome stereotyping is still very much alive even today when it comes to the startup scene. Thankfully, the duo is looking to initiate a whole lot of game-changing with their startup as their multi-faceted platform paves the way to connecting talented women and companies who need tech diversity for their establishment. So whether you’re looking for someone to develop your next smart watch or to take over your agency’s digital marketing division, Power to Fly has the right platform to fulfill your needs. To date, they’ve catered to a number of high profile clients such as Hearst and BuzzFeed.

AirHelp - helping 45,000 passengers (and counting) seek flight recompense

AirHelp is the brainchild of Henrik Zillmer, Nicolas Michaelsen, Greg Roodt, and Morten Lund Read who started the company in a bid to help air passengers garner compensation of up to $800 whenever their flight has been delayed or cancelled. So far they’ve successfully help 45,000 achieve this objective, and it looks like there’s no stopping this dynamic group as they recently moved their HQ to the heart of New York City.

Boxed - the perfect marriage between bulk-buying and convenience

It makes perfect sense to buy things in bulk sometimes, but the thought of lugging home a car full of necessities and then unloading it doesn’t seem too desirable. Enter Boxed, a startup that gives you the ability to browse and buy items in bulk through a mobile app, therefore saving you a lot of precious time, gas and even eliminates the need to pay membership fees when you shop bulk.

Casper - delivering the unconventional way to purchase comfy mattresses

Imagine having a huge mattress sent to your front door not by a team of muscle-bound deliverymen, but in the form of a deceptively small carton box. Casper does just that, and more. Check out this unboxing video to see for yourself how this startup revolutionizes the mattress-buying process and makes it easy (and thrilling!) for customers. Not too bad for a “mattress company” to have received $25 million funding so far!


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