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Top 5: Favorite Colombian Athletes to Win Gold in 2015 Toronto

Top 5: Favorite Colombian Athletes to Win Gold in 2015 Toronto

Posted by Juan Gavasa on February 25, 2015

Colombia has become one of Latin America’s sports powers and 2015 is another challenging year for the coffee-growing country. Toronto Panamerican Games are the goal of most of Colombian athletes, who have trained hard to be ready when the time comes in Canada. The Colombian delegation will include a significant number of athletes, but these 5 representatives are the favorites to be crowned in July in Toronto.

2014 will be in the heart of Colombian sports enthusiasts forever, an unforgettable year for some disciplines, but it wasn’t the highest moment for Colombia’s sports success. Some of the finest images from that year were the smile of the face of ‘Negra de oro’ Catherine, the pink shirt worn by Nairo, Mariana’s world title, the best player of the America Cup with Yoreli and James David’s goal... among other victories that will always be recalled by the Colombian people, but there is a lot to be done.

The three medals won in Munich Games, 1972, are historic achievements as it had been the best sports performance of the country, a time when it was all about Lucho Herrera or Colombia’s only Olympic medalist. Nowadays, sports have evolved in the coffee-growing country, which looks forward to making history in the 2015 Panamerican Games.

Catherine Ibargüen

Talking about Athletics in Colombia undoubtedly makes us smile. Catherine Ibargüen has transcended the victories of international icons of this discipline and she still knows no bound. In 2015 her aim is breaking the world record on triple jump and going farther than those 19 centimeters that have kept her away from the gold, which is presently held by Ukrainian Inessa Kravets.

The main characteristic of this sportswoman from Antioquia is the willingness to improve her results, so this is a key year. Toronto will be the step before her main objective: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. She dreams about winning the gold medal. This is the agenda of Colombia’s ‘Sonrisa de Oro’: Peking World Athletics, Canada Panamerican Games and the Diamond League.

Mariana Pajón

The BMX world leader kicked off the year with a new facet of her career: managing her own brand of notebooks. Of course, her professionalism and determination haven’t changed. This world champion keeps on making everybody fall in love with her due to the charisma and skills on her bike.

Mariana is set to participate in different events UCI C1, UCI Supercross World Cup, Santiago de Chile Panamerican Championship and Toronto Panamerican Games, in Canada. She will put an end to the year schedule with the UCI World Championship in Heusden-Zolder Belgium, where one of the curves has been named after her.

Jackeline Rentería

The only twice Olympic medalist and world champion sportswoman got a bronze medal early this year at the International Female Wrestling Open Tournament in Klippan, Holland, 63-kilogram category.

‘Jacki’ joined the wrestling world by mistake, but she has undoubtedly shown that she was born to fight, literally. She’s obsessed with winning the gold medal in the Olympic Games, but she first has to go golden in Toronto Panamerican Games.

Fernando Gaviria

This sportsman from Antioquia was recently crowned Omnium World Champion in Paris, thus becoming the twice junior world champion, a title that was first obtained in New Zealand, 2012.

He was born in a family of cyclists, his father and sister, who participated in London Olympic Games. Gaviria started skating, but he later decided to follow the pedals of his family. He wants to compete in Europe in 2016, so he knows that this year is the perfect opportunity to keep on standing out, as he says “I know no bounds yet”. Gaviria is going to be one of the attractions at the brand-new cycle track of Milton, one of the stages of Toronto Panamerican Games.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

The number one racket in Colombia and America is one of the country’s standard-bearers for Toronto. Miguel Angel wants to defend his title in Canada and hold the gold medal he won in 2011 Guadalajara.

This Bogota-born athlete has always kept his goals in mind, since he was three years old and grabbed a racket. He hasn’t put it down ever since and wants to stand among the Top 5 this year, a challenge where he will certainly prevail since he ranks sixth in the world.

The challenges to be faced by Colombia’s number one sportsman are: British Open in England, Panamerican Games, Colombia Open, Mexico Open, US Open, Seattle World Open and Hong Kong.

When it comes to talking about Colombia, we have to mention soccer, especially in Toronto. In this case, men won’t be representing the country, but since “there is a great woman behind every great man, Yoreli, Daniela, Leicy and the other members of the team are looking forward to conquering Canada and taking the tricolored flag to the female World Cup.

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