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Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns of Ideame

Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns of Ideame

Posted by Clarisa Herrera on June 25, 2015

Ideame is writing its history beside such big figures of crowdfunding as Kickstarter or IndieGogo, and it stands as a benchmark in terms of crowdfunding in Latin America. Since it was founded back in 2011, it’s the platform par excellence when Latin American entrepreneurs want to make their ideas come true, and they need to fund and shed light on their projects.

The usual procedure is carried out: members of the online community contribute with discrete or small amounts of money (depending on the advisability) for projects of their interest and they are given some kind of recompense for their contribution.

In both consolidated and emerging markets, crowdfunding platforms are not only useful so as to gain access to capital, but they are testing sources for products or services. They become a sort of “advance” of the popularity or demand, a valuable piece of information that not many entrepreneurs have only after the product has been launched.

“In Latin America, the lack of capital and access to funding stop thousands of creators from undertaking actions and bringing their ideas, projects or dreams to life. We believe that good ideas should be developed and the access to capital is not to be a restriction. “Our mission is to generate a space in order to foster and develop Latin American talent”, this is what Ideame’s staff members have written on their web to welcome projects.

The successful platform, conceived, among others, by such internationally acclaimed serial entrepreneurs as Juan Pablo Cappello and Mariano Suarez Battan, was created in Chile but it’s now also present in Argentina –where most of the projects come from –, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and it already counts about 1,000 funded projects, USD 2 M for projects and over 90 thousand micro investors. These are the 5 most successful Latin American campaigns of Ideame:

El Gato y la Caja, 2015 Yearbook 

Objective: A design book with artistic intention on scientific topics.

History of the project: El Gato y La Caja (The Cat and the Box) is basically a scientific-cultural communication platform aimed at taking the scientific way of seeing the world to even more spaces, so astonishment, questioning and making decisions based on evidences become a massive exercise.

Amount raised: 90,000 Argentinean pesos         Overall Collection: 248,000 Argentinean pesos, 275 percent up the amount raised                  Collaborators: 990

Ojalá vuelva CUALCA!

Objective: Producing the second season of CUALCA!

History of the project: CUALCA! was created in 2012 as a weekly comedy sketch for Argentinean TV show “Duro de Domar”. They worked for a whole year with a very limited budget, so they were only excited by the opportunity to make something different on the screen. The lack of support from the TV industry and market brands helped them understand that their place is on the Internet and the possibility to be funded by the audience.

Amount raised: 195,000 Argentinean pesos       Collection: 245,555 Argentinean pesos, 125 percent up the amount raised                   Collaborators: 2,333

Anuario de ilustradores 2014

Anuario de Ilustradores #7 from Nicolás Trullás on Vimeo.

Objective: A book with lots of illustrations created by over 100 illustrators

History of the project: A community made up of 100 illustrators that work on a yearbook so as to generate a map on the most influential Argentinean illustrators. They presold over one thousand books, registration for workshops and combos with every yearbook published to date.

Amount raised: 150,100 Argentinean pesos       Collection: 196,200 Argentinean pesos, 130 percent up the amount raised                   Collaborators: 1,743

La gente anda diciendo

Objective: The best phrases on "La Gente Anda Diciendo (People are Saying)", specially edited for a design book

History of the project: With a Facebook community made up of 3.815,550 people, the book was published with the very best phrases taken from La Gente Anda Diciendo (a compilation of phrases issued by common people) with a 500-book presell.

Amount raised: 65,400 Argentinean pesos         Collection: 70,000 Argentinean pesos, 107 percent up the amount raised                   Collaborators: 1,476 

Partido de la Red. Now We Need Ballot Papers  

Objective: They created a political party and they needed to finance the ballot papers so as to participate in the parliamentary elections in 2013.

History of the project: PdR (Party of the Network) is a political party that stands for democracy on the network, the establishment of a link between citizens and policy by means of an online open-source platform –developed by the party – so the citizens can have access to information, debate and vote the projects analyzed at the legislative body of Buenos Aires City.

Amount raised: 31,500 Argentinean pesos         Collection: 36,650 Argentinean pesos, 116 percent up the original project                 Collaborators: 277

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