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Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Latin America

Top 10 Vacation Destinations in Latin America

Posted by Juan Gavasa on February 13, 2014

Latin American countries can be top vacation destinations for people in other parts of the world, especially in the seasons when the weather is more favorable. Perhaps the best part about the Latin American area is just how large it really is. It spans through different nations, cultures, and climates from Mexico all the way down to the bottom tip of South America.

1.     Rio de Janiero, Brazil -- Not only is there plenty of awesome things to look at while in Rio but the city is also becoming one of the most prominent global cities. In recent years we've seen Rio grow in popularity and it is hard to go against the city.

As described by Expedia's website, the city is "blessed with a spectacular geography that merges white-sand beaches with rain forest-covered mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the opportunities to connect with nature, but there are also plenty of attractions for culture buffs. As a former capital of Brazil, Rio is rich with history and modern culture, ensuring an enjoyable trip regardless of whether you prefer state parks or samba."

2.    Mexico City, Mexico -- As one of the top most populous cities in Latin America, Mexico City can be an attractive destination for almost anyone. Furthermore, this is very close to The United States and Americans can make the trip without too much difficulty -- especially when making plans on short notice or if the vacation can only be a few days.

3.   Guanacaste, Costa Rica -- If you're fed up with the weather in the northern area of the United States this year, this is a great destination for vacationers. Even more of a reason to visit is the diversity you'll experience upon arriving in Costa Rica, as mentioned by Orbitz, a website that outlines a number of vacation packages and deals for customers who want to make the trip to Costa Rica.

"You can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an ideal vacation," the Orbitz website says. "No wonder, then, that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top travel choice. The richness of Costa Rica stems from the cultural diversity of its people."

4.    San Juan, Puerto Rico -- Speaking of relatively close vacation destinations in terms of the American mainland, Puerto Rico is another option. One reason why Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination for Americans is because the territory is officially part of the United States, meaning Americans never need a passport to gain entry. San Juan is the largest city in Puerto Rico and has a population that is nearly 400,000 people in the city alone.

5.    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic -- Santo Domingo is not just any random city -- it serves as the Dominican Republic's hub for business and key industries in the nation. This is a great part of the world to spend your vacation thanks to its relaxing beaches, the beautiful and warm weather, and its key location in the area. This may serve as a top choice for vacationers who are baseball fans in the United States since many professional players that have gone to the United States are from this area.

6.    San Pedro, Belize -- Considering that this area was ranked among Trip Advisor's top destinations, you couldn't go wrong with a trip here. It is a tourist destination and that is exactly what you're looking for if you just want to get away to a new area for a short period of time. It's another destination that has plenty of sun and this makes it a very attractive place for tourists who are coming from colder climates.

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