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Top 10 Universities of Latin America (I)

Top 10 Universities of Latin America (I)

Posted by José Peralta on May 21, 2015

The map of Latin-American universities has been gradually acquiring in the last few decades a solid reputation that many analysts relate to the economic growth and democratic development of the area. Some of these universities are part of the ranking of the most prestigious of the world according to indicators such as academic reputation, the level of education of professors, weight of its departments of investigation and its presence in the international scenery.

PanamericanWorld has created its own ranking in which we rate and analyze the best 10 universities of Latin America after comparing several reports by solvent consultants such as Quacquarelly Symonds and Webometrics. The result allowed us to condense in one list, all of the criteria taken into account by the different agencies. In the first of two articles we show five universities that have been said to have the biggest indices of academic excellence.

10. Universidad Estadual Paulista “Julio de Mesquita Filho”, (UNESP). Founded in 1976, the UNESP grew at a fast rate and soon became the second best university of Sao Paulo and entered the top 4 of the best universities of Brazil. That’s how they made it to the eleventh spot of the Webometrics’s (Spanish investigation group of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations) ranking of the best Latin American Universities, and to the ninth place of the respected index of the British consultants Quacquarelly Symonds (QS).

The UNESP has over 40,000 students in the entire state of Sao Paulo through more than 24 campuses. Overall, it offers 179 undergraduate programs that last from four to six years, and 118 graduate programs. The university has 33 faculties, 30 libraries, two hospitals, three animals’ hospitals, several farms and complementary units.

9. University of Buenos Aires. A bulwark of the South. This university founded in 1821 is the right place to study programs related to management and business. It is massive (has over 300,000 students between undergrad and grad) but what is best about it is precisely the high amount of connections one can make there. Besides, education there is completely free.

It is worth mentioning its links to secondary education, in particular to the ‘Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini (Superior School of Commerce Carlos Pellegrini), one of the most prestigious in Argentina; this school is under the U of BA’s supervision, something quite unusual in the academic scope.

8. Federal University of Minas Gerais. Another Brazilian that made it to the ranking. With about 44,000 students between undergrad and grad, it offers hundreds of undergrad and grad programs where you will be able to find the most suiting for your academic or labour interests.

In terms of academic excellence, the University of Minas Gerais is among the first in Brazil and has become very important in the whole area. If you study there the reputation of your career will be recognized in the entire continent.

7. Monterreys Tech. This Mexican centre has been climbing up the international rankings with effort and hard work and today it is definitely among the best 10 universities of the continent. Some specialists say it is the best in Mexico, over the ‘Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM).

This private school has more than 70,000 students and several undergraduate programs. As its name says, careers oriented to the practical areas are the university’s strength and what it is known for. That’s why they offer at least a dozen of business and management courses, all of them in the same academic department, which makes each of the courses stronger.

6. University of Chile. A symbol of seriousness and trust, the “Uchi” is one of those institutions that will always be among the best of the continent, even thought today it’s a little lower in the ranking than in its best years. This university guarantees good courses but, among all, it has an excellent academic team between professors and investigators of the highest reputation.

It has very few students compared to those other massive Latin universities (38,000 between grad and undergrad) but its academics and in particular those related to investigation make her the most important centre of scientific jobs and studies in Chile, being the crib of almost 40% of the scientific publications of the country. 

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