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Top 10 Canadian Universities for Latin American Students

Top 10 Canadian Universities for Latin American Students

Posted by Juan Gavasa on September 03, 2018

Canada has become one of the main destinations for Latin American university students. The international prestige and high positioning of Canadian faculties is one of the most appreciated elements among future graduates. Likewise, there are other important aspects, such as the possibility to have access to a comprehensive education in English language, public help provided to stay in the country for longer, find a first job and, especially, Canada’s reputation as a welcoming country, tolerant and inclusive. The irruption of Donald Trump into the United States has been the definitive reason for Canada to become the number one destination: it is on the rise. In its latest report issued some weeks ago, the QS World University Rankings for 2018, which assesses and marks hundreds of universities from around the globe, included 26 Canadian universities in the world Top 100. Four of them had been already ranked in the world Top 100 and other nine universities make up the Top 300.

This ranking is used by students and researchers to compare the quality of higher education institutions and identify the best universities of the world. The Canadian universities get the highest numbers in terms of learning environment, influence in scientific works, program variety, resulting jobs and international scope. Despite all these elements, experts recommend to individually take a closer look at each university, according to specific values, instead of only paying attention to the positions in international rankings. They point out that university marks vary depending on certain factors. Some classifications are only focused on the research quality of a university, while the teaching level is more important to others. That is the reason why students should take into account other aspects, such as internship opportunities, teaching language, work scope or location of the faculty.

1. Toronto University  

The Toronto University has once again prevailed over McGill University as the best Canadian university in the world ranking: it occupies the 31st position this year. Founded back in 1827, the Toronto University houses nearly 88,700 students in its three Toronto-based campus, and it is internationally acclaimed for its innovation in the research field, with examples related to discoveries in terms of insulin and stem cells.

2. McGill University  

Ranked 32nd around the world for the new academic year. The McGill University was founded in 1821 and it is attended by some 40,500 students, 25 percent of which come from other countries. Located in Montreal, the university features the highest number of Rhodes Scholars (142) and Nobel Prize winners (12) among all Canadian universities.

3. British Columbia University   

The British Columbia University has gone six steps down since the past ranking. It presently stands in the 51st position, but it still is the third most valued university of Canada. Based in Vancouver and Kelowna, in the British Columbia, the university welcomes nearly 62,900 students, including 14,434 international students from 162 countries. It is one of the most multi-ethnic campus of the world.

4. Alberta University   

The Alberta University was founded in 1908 and its main spaces are nestled in Edmonton City. The university counts on 37,830 students from 143 countries and represents an annual impact (direct or indirect) of 12 billion dollars in the economy of Alberta.

5. Montreal University 

The Montreal University, ranked 130th in the world, is the most important francophone university in Canada and one of the top 10 job generating institutions in Montreal’s influence-zone. The university was established back in 1878 and it is one of the most active Canadian universities in the research field, with incomes above half a billion dollars.

6. McMaster University  

The McMaster University, which goes nine positions up this year to the 140th in the world ranking, was founded in 1887 in Toronto, but it was moved to Hamilton, Ontario in 1930. McMaster comprises 70 research centers and institutes, and it is especially praised because of its medicine school.

7. Waterloo University  

Also in Ontario, the Waterloo University occupies the 152nd position in the world this year and it is one of the newest universities in Canada. Its doors were opened in 1957. Nowadays, it has 36,670 students, with 37 percent of postgraduate students coming from abroad.

8. Western University   

Ranked 210th in the world, sharing position with Antwerp University in Belgium, the Western University is located in London, Ontario. It was previously known as the Western Ontario University, was founded in 1878 and receives some 28,800 students.

9. Calgary University  

The Calgary University steps on the 217th position of the world in 2018. It has taken some steps back if compared to last year, but it is still described as one of the top ten universities of Canada. Founded in 1966, the university features five campus, including one in Qatar, and it has been the place of birth of several outstanding inventions, including the neurochip.

10. Queen´s University   

The university occupies the 224th position on the planet in 2018 and it is one of the oldest universities in Canada, created 26 years before the foundation of the country in Kingston. Queen's presently houses around 22,461 students, 10 percent of which come from other countries.

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