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The Top 10 Best-Value Wines From Chile

The Top 10 Best-Value Wines From Chile

Posted by PanamericanWorld on September 05, 2015

Chile is celebrating its inaugural National Wine Day and we thought we’d make it a more international event by having a look at the best value Chilean wines on the market.

The long, thin country in South America has a winemaking history which dates back to the 19th century, where the most fashion-forward of rich mining families looked to France for cultural inspiration. Estates like Concha Y Toro and Cousino Macul sprang up in the valley just south of Santiago – and today some of the country’s best vineyards lie among industrial estates and busy roads there.

These early names feature among our best value Chilean wines. The mega-producer Concha Y Toro is on the list several times, in fact, with their Marques de Casa range – their Casillero del Diablo wines don’t quite make the cut, but they scored pretty high on our Bayesian analysis. Cousino Macul, on the other hand, just missed out a spot in the top ten with their Cabernet Sauvignon from those vineyards just south of the city, in the Maipo Valley.

Maipo Valley features a few times on the list, but Chile’s most prominent wine region, the Colchagua Valley, is also one of the best value, with five of the top ten hailing from its spectacular landscapes. But value isn’t the Colchagua Valley’s only strength – some of Chile’s most famous and prestigious wines hail from these vineyards, among them Monte’s Folly Syrah and Casa Lapostolle’s Clos Apalta.

As for grape varieties on the best value list, there aren’t that many surprises – Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere dominate the list. Just a couple of white wines – a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc – creep onto the list, and there is even a Malbec on there, a grape variety that is more at home on the other side of the Andes in Argentina. 

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