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These are the Figures of Toronto Pan Am Games

These are the Figures of Toronto Pan Am Games

Posted by PanamericanWorld on July 14, 2015

Toronto Pan Am Games are going to set several records, such as participation, budget, private investment and TV viewing. The most expensive tickets of the Pan Am Games will be sold for the finals of athletics and swimming, US$115, nearly the double of the price for the same competitions during Guadalajara 2011 Pan Am Games.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games was the latest sports event organized by Canada. Before that, the country had coped with several years of debts as a result of Montreal 1976 Olympic Games.

That’s why the enthusiasm for the Pan Am Games and Parapan American Games, August 7 – 15, is so obvious. The preparations, which kicked off in November 2009 when Odepa announced that Canada would be the venue, took all these years, but the organizers presently say to be ready to make this edition of the Games stand out as the best continental event in history.

The economic aspect is going to be one of the main benefits to be brought about by the Games, since Canada created 6.000 jobs; the country expects 250.000 visitors and 1 million tickets were sold over the first stage. David Peterson, chairman of the Organizing Committee of Toronto 2015, estimates earnings of 3.5 billion dollars in terms of the economic activity and tourism.


By the end of March, TO2015 already had 168.9 million dollars related to sponsorships, including money and in-kind elements. TO2015 has announced 57 corporate partners. All in all, there are 37 sponsors, including leading partners, premier, and official suppliers; and 22 companies supporting the Games.

Most of the sponsors joined the idea over the last quarter of this year. This is the highest income reached by an edition of the Pan Am Games and Parapan American Games  – a very significant figure –, which shows the interest in backing up the Games.

One of the main reasons sponsors have to join Toronto 2015 has been the fact that the province of Ontario estimates that the Pan Am Games are going to involve the creation of 26.000 jobs and the GDP will go 3.7 billion dollars up on 2009 - 2017.

TV stations broadcasting the Games

12 TV stations will be broadcasting Toronto Pan Am Games. Some companies, like CBC, offer over 600 hours of broadcast and Brazilian SportTV paid 30 million dollars, a record figure.

ESPN Sports offers 200 hours of Olympic Games-style multimedia coverage, so it officially stands as the longest broadcast for an edition of the Pan Am Games, with 80 hours of additional coverage on ESPN and ESPN2.

Before the opening ceremony of the Games, IMG, the largest distributor of sports means, signed a contract as distribution partner. They are selling the product to US means without rights to Pan Am and Parapan American Games.

The international rights have also been sold by Odepa and the signal is estimate to reach 380 million homes in America.

USA in the Pan Am Games

The United States are the kings of America and they want to hold their crown in the 17th edition of the Pan Am Games, just as they have done in 15 out of the 16 previous editions of the continental event.

This crown has only been taken once, by Cuba, and it only happened when the islanders organized the event in their backyard (Havana 1991). The USA has created a monopoly that is not only perceived at continental level, but the whole world, if we take into account that they also prevail in the Olympic Games.

And, in every edition of the Pan Am Games, the countries do their best to grow, to stand out in front of a giant that darkens the continent with its shine and the billion dollars it has used this year in terms of sports.

That’s the reason why in each Olympic cycle some governments, from Canada to Argentina, invest in high performance sport in an effort to, someday, compete with the American dictator. The fact is that, according to calculations of experts, the prosperity of countries’ economies is directly linked to their sports success.

Brazil, for instance, has invested nearly four times more this year if compared to their numbers back in 2011 for Guadalajara.

For the Pan American Games held in Mexico, the Brazilian government devoted nearly 22 million dollars to high performance sports, which didn’t help the country climb higher in the Pan American ranking, but it did improve the results in London 2012 Olympic Games as it occupied the 22nd position, one step up the Beijing 2008 outcome.

This year, Peru’s overall budget for sports is 9.5 million dollars, 4.7 million for high performance, which is 2.9 million dollars more than 2011 when it was only 1.8 million. In 2007 Peru ranked 25th. In Guadalajara 2011 Peru went up to the 20th position.

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