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Tech Business Accelerator, Stars of the Moment in Argentina

Tech Business Accelerator, Stars of the Moment in Argentina

Posted by Clarisa Herrera on April 19, 2014

Technology business accelerators and incubators are some of the great stars - and the main driving forces- of the Argentinian entrepreneurship community.

They are living their moment of splendour. They have had, since 2011, a major role to form and encourage the development of the local ecosystem, to the point that, to date, two government initiatives have highlighted their importance as an engine for economy.

One comes from the National Government. Through the SME Secretary, the Argentinian Ministry of Industry launched the programme Incubar (Incubate) directed specifically to institutions specialized in entrepreneur support (incubators) that backups projects - in their making and development- of young businessmen and entrepreneurs, without age limit, with the objective of boosting innovation in this sector. This support is not only economic: it also offers training through specialized institutions.

The second initiative is linked to the Government of Buenos Aires city. In the framework of the General Plan of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and in consistence with what's happening in other cities around the globe, the objective is to generate activities and stimulus for high profile entrepreneurs, given that they are the necessary boost for innovation. Apart from Education, co-working and networking, funding is a fundamental pillar. Through a disbursement of funds, the Government will select local accelerators that are able to administrate those funds independently, and thus encourage the business ideas that are considered as more appropriated.

But in a private level, options are multiplied. These are some of them:



Under the leitmotiv of ''make your idea become a reality'', NXTP Labs is one of the greatest protagonists of the Latin American technological ecosystems. It's about an early-age fund with an acceleration programme specialised in digital technology founded in 2011 by Ariel Arrieta, Gonzalo Costa, Francisco Coronel, Martín Hazán and Marta Cruz; who are well known professionals and referents in the regional technological market and they are a solid track record in the creation, growth and sale of companies.

The focus of this accelerator are technological projects from Spanish Speaking countries in Latin America. It invests up to 25.000 USD in exchange for an equity (shareholding) around 2% and 10%. Apart from funding and working spaces, NXTP Labs emphasizes collective support, mentorship, and access to the net of contacts and investors. Actually, in the mentorship net, regional and international referents can be found, such as Wences Casares or Alex Oxenford, among others.

Currently, NXTP Labs is presenting its sixth breed of startups and its portfolio (one of the most active in the region) has more than 140 startups from 15 different countries focused on E-Commerce, Finance Tech, Entertainment, Enterprise & Data, Advertising & Media, Agrobusiness and IoT (Internet of Things).

In the previous five editions, international startups with an outstanding performance in the market were seen, such as Ideame, while others already celebrate glory: Bixti, Comenta.TV, Wehostels, TalemeStories and TheFanLeague.


This initiative of Telefónica boosts the growth of the technological ecosystems in whatever country it arrives; and Wayra Argentina is not the exception. Comenta.TV went through Wayra as well, and other startups with growth potential are uSound and Widow Games, among others.

Launched in 2012 under the leadership of Andrés Saborido, the startups accelerated by this programme receive 50.000 USD, training, technological tools, counselling and working space; but above all, they have access to the investors net, more than 60 mentors that include experts in the industry and leaders in the development of digital businesses.

Wayra has, as priority axes, the evaluation of products and solution in areas identified as ''Internet of Things'', sensors connected to apps and improvement for intelligent cities, Big Data, and mobile technologies based on HTML5.

To ensure the internationalisation of Wayra's projetcs - which is an axis for the Argentinian brand this year- Andrés Saborido is travelling to Spain to take the lead in Wayra Spain and Lorena Suárez takes his position as Country Manager.


Quasar Ventures

Behind Quasar Ventures are the two most important entrepreneurship referents in Argentina: Santiago Bilinkis and Andy Freire, that, among other merits, they were the creators of the mythical Officenet, a company that was later sold to Staples.

Quasar Ventures defines itself as a company builder, focused on Internet and Technology and based on four pillars: team, capital, business model and execution.

Its creators look for great business models and pretend to ''marry them'' to entrepreneurs of a better profile and potential. Their most remarkable projects are Restorando and Avenida!, that attempts to replicate E - Bay's model.


From the city of Córdoba, the company builder Incutex assumes the role of co-founder with the startups, this means that entrepreneurs with the experience of creating successful companies, like Juan Santiago (co-founder of Incutex and CEO of Santex) work side by side with startups, getting fully involved with the project. By doing this, teams find the support of experienced entrepreneurs who help them in all key decisions.

They offer a seed capital of 25.000 USD, technological support given by Santex, mentorship, strategy support, market development, technology, legal and administrative backup and six months of full training of skills and tools for entrepreneurs. They complete the offer with co-working space and events during all the programme to encourage creativity and strengthen networking. Leonardo Pisaroni is who directs operations in Incutex.

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