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Taringa! How to Shadow Facebook as the Most Visited Social Network in Argentina

Taringa! How to Shadow Facebook as the Most Visited Social Network in Argentina

Posted by Clarisa Herrera on July 29, 2014

Named the Second Most Visited Platform in Argentina after Facebook, beating Twitter and LinkedIn. The website that deserves credit for this is no other than Taringa! According to comScore. In a country in which, according to Digital Future Argentina 2013 produced by comScore Media Metrix, this platform has the third place in the market most involved with Social Networks in the world.

Taringa! Is a social platform with Argentinian roots where millions of users share all sorts of different contents of interest such as: recipes, tutorials, art, drawings, information, news, projects, personal challenges, product reviews etc. and ten years after being created, it is the biggest Latin American social network and it has one of the strongest communities of internet users in the area.

To understand the dimension of this community it is enough to keep in mind that it has more than 17 million views in its pages in Argentina only, 25 million registered users, 75 millions of unique users a month, 140 millions total visitors a month and it is present in 18 countries of Latin America, including Spain and US Hispanics. As for the origin of its users –who generate 8,000 posts a day and more than 50 thousand daily comments-, 33% of them are Argentinian, 21% Mexican, 10% Spanish, 9% Chilean, 9% Colombians, 6% Peruvians, and 5% Venezuelans.

How did they make it? Hernán Botbol, founder of Taringa!, says that the day they started they wanted to create a company that could give people space through the internet so that they could express themselves in an open and democratic way. “The best way of boosting and letting this wish grow is by having a top team. Fortunately today the way Taringa! is running tells us that we have that team and we that achieved that goal” he says.

The founder of the community that understands and has all the tools to keep growing: “A loyal community, with millions of people that go to the website every day and every month. We wish to become a company that is at the same level of other important players in the market” this is why Botbol is in the United States today, with the idea of taking Taringa! to the big leagues.

Botbol insists that they always wanted to put the user in the first place through a space that is 100% free. “The objective was and still is to make it a place where there are no intermediaries and that allows people to connect through the content, making us different from Facebook for example, where people mainly talk about things that happen to them in their personal lives. While this happens in Taringa!, what matters there is who you are, not because of your name and last name, but because of what you do in life or what you share with others” he explained.

The user reaches a Taringa post probably through a link in other social networks or by googleing a certain topic. In the end they all find a community where thousands of people share quality content. “The person who is looking for this content finally decides to join the community and start making their own posts, which creates a virtuous circle” Bolbot told PanAmerican World.

A Latin American Phenomenon

Botbol says that Taringa! is a complete success in Mexico, where it has almost as many visits as in Argentina, and even more on mobile phones. In the past year, the use of the platform from mobile phones grew by a 200% and we are almost reaching half of the total amount of users. A big part of this traffic we get from mobile phones is Mexican” said Bolbot.

The phenomenon of the platform has managed to take the whole region: “The truth is that there is a feeling of pride when users form other countries share their experiences, their life and their interests.  We have created a beautiful Spanish speaking community where every person from every country shares things form their daily life that others read about. It happened with the World Cup, people would cheer for the countries that did well, despite the rivalry, which starts making the dream of a united Latin America come true” he said.

The Revolution of the Product

While the use of the product and what happens inside of the community isn’t something that their creators are interested in manipulating or controlling, they are interested in creating better tools so that the users themselves are the ones who take those tools as their own to generate new posts. “It has always been that way, what has been changing is the fact that while we developed the platform, we noticed there were certain needs that weren’t being satisfied because of the lack of technology” he tells us.

When the company first started, there was only the posting option, which allowed users to publish articles only. But because people commented on the content and talked to other users about them, they decided to create a new section called “communities” where users had access to micro spaces to talk about a particular topic. “In a certain way this is similar to Facebook’s groups, in fact we launched them way before Facebook did. Communities were created and they were good. Nowadays there are more than 100 thousand. There are some super successful communities, such as one called Technical Service where users, that either are experts in computing or have questions about the topic, post” he points out.

In the case of the communities, it is possible to find an answer to a punctual problem, but there are also soccer clubs, jokes, or photography, or even chess communities for people that are interested in these particular topics.

Botbol also says that with time they realized there were many people that wanted to share their content in a fast way. “Maybe not create a post or a long article but share something about their lives. We created this section called “Mi Taringa” (My Taringa) that is only for small posts” he told us. Nowadays 200,000 micro posts are created a day in the platform.

With a successful present, future seems even better. The goals ahead have to do with improving every product or section they have and to generate a better experience for mobile users: “We believe the future of Taringa! and all the rest of online platforms is there. Every time more, people stop using their laptops so much to use their phones all the time” Botbol concludes.

10 posts that made history in the 10 years Taringa! has existed

1° Un bajo para Paul McCartney. Lo hice yo y se lo di

2° No a SOPA, PIPA y a la censura en Internet

3° Y un día un presidente habló de lo que hay que hablar

4° Cómo construí mi casa enteramente en un container

5° Big Mc hecha en casa 

6° Invertí todos mis ahorros y 6 meses en una película

7° Sólo con un lapiz bic (birome)

8° Gonzalo Pazos, busco a mi padre

9° Ataque de pánico

10° Brazo de terminator con chatarra

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