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Staying Healthy in a Food Lover's Paradise

Staying Healthy in a Food Lover's Paradise

Posted by Shanelle Weir on May 30, 2014

First up: beautiful Jamaica. Jamaica is a food-lover’s paradise and offers several unique festivals that introduce visitors to the island’s celebrated cuisine in an authentic way. Known for jerk cooking, Jamaica’s roadside stands feature some of the best jerk on the island. They also offer a range of specialty dishes such as ackee and saltfish (the island’s national dish), bammy (a flat, toasted wafer eaten with fried fish), mackerel rundown (pickled mackerel with a thick, custard-like sauce made of coconut milk) and gizzada or “pinch-me-round” (a sweet Jamaican pastry).

“Our motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’, and the influences in our food reflect this with various ingredients that are combined to make dishes distinctively Jamaican,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, John Lynch, in a press release. “Our yearly calendar is filled with many events that feature our diverse culture including our foods. These include several jerk festivals, food carnivals and a restaurant week. These events honour the legacy of Jamaica through flavours as well as demonstrate the culinary creativity of Jamaicans in transforming everyday produce into world-class meals. We take pride in preserving our culture and our cuisine is one of the best ways for visitors to sample the island’s history.”  

Jamaican cuisine is prepared around the world, but for an authentic taste, travellers can experience it firsthand by visiting the island’s various food festivals or following the jerk trail. For more info on Jamaica and its food festivals, 

Then, if you've traveled for business like me, you know that colds often follow such trips. Fortunately the frequent travelers at Choice Hotels Canada have figured out the key to staying healthy on the road and are sharing their healthy secrets. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy during business travel:

1.       Pack healthy snacks- Stock the mini fridge and use the coffee maker's water dispenser to make oatmeal in the morning.

2.       Slip on those walking shoes- Walk as much as you can to your various stops – just remember to pack comfortable shoes.

3.       Stay hydrated- Bottled water is key as flying dehydrates you, which makes you tired. When you're tired you overeat.

4.       Stretch it out- If you've been sitting all day, do some yoga after – both for your sore muscles and to help with stress.

5.       Pack lightweight fitness essentials- Running shoes and gym clothes are obvious, but a skipping rope is perfect for cardio on the go.

6.       Schedule your workout- Add it into your travel agenda and you’ll be less likely to skip it.

7.       Check your gym options- Not all hotel gyms are ideal, so if your membership is at a national chain like Goodlife, bring it along.

8.       Bring Rover- This isn’t always possible, but daily dog walks will help you stay fit and get some fresh air.

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