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Startups Stories: Tutorez a Click Away

Startups Stories: Tutorez a Click Away

Posted by Miguel Ernesto on May 02, 2016

Our Startups Stories now give us Tutorez, a startup created in Panama, back in 2014, which provides a platform to establish a relation between highly-qualified professionals and parents that need a tutor to support their children’s studies.

How did Tutorez come up?

Tutorez was born in October 2014 as an idea to facilitate the search of private tutors for students. The official launch took place in March 2015, within the framework of the course beginning in Panama, as well as platform 1.0 with the reservation system.

What matters does Tutorez tackle?

Nowadays, many parents need a tutor for their children because they have issues with some subjects, suffer from a special health condition o they just need somebody to help them study. However, it’s hard to find a trustworthy tutor, a person with the knowledge and availability. That’s why Tutorez was conceived, a platform to find the tutor that meets the specific requirements in terms of subject, level, location and availability.

How are the tutors chosen?

We believe that everybody can be a tutor, as long as knowledge and availability are proven. Nevertheless, certain filters are to be taken into account in order to join our catalog. The applicants have to create a profile on our website and they are later sent an interview form, which is evaluated by our human resources expert. Once you have gone through this phase, your online identity is verified, which involves your information on the internet and social networks. The profile is accepted if everything is coherent and consistent with the interview and details provided.

How does the business model work?

Tutorez is an intermediary between the student that needs a tutor and the tutor that is looking for clients. We provide the value added of security and simplicity when it comes to hiring a tutor. On the other hand, we offer tutors a flow of clients and higher availability control, and we guarantee the payment for hours of work since the clients pay when booking. Tutorez charges tutors a percent of the payment for an hour of service, a commission that depends on the level of the tutor.

What do you make of the startup ecosystem in Panama?

Panama has had entrepreneurs for years; nonetheless they have been recently organized and supported by such entities as the Knowledge City with the Innovation Center, and organizations like the Founders Institute that was inaugurated this year in Panama City. As for technological startups, that’s a new segment in Panama and we are still taking the first steps if compared to other countries of the region. However, I’m very happy because I’m being contacted by entrepreneurs of all ages, who tell me about their projects and ask me for advice. So the ecosystem has already been created and, within a few years, we’ll have world-class technological startups developed in Panama.

What are your plans for 2016?

Back in 2015 we launched and tested the business model in Panama. This year we are planning to grow in Panama and go massive in the country. Before 2016 comes to an end, our goal is to reach out to other markets in the region. As a technological startup, we’re looking forward to exponentially growing and taking our business to other countries.

What would you tell other startups?

I’d tell other entrepreneurs and startups to create something with the potential to go global, but begin at local level. Pay attention to what consumers actually need, not necessarily what they say. The way they do it is what matters the most. There is no perfect product, so launch it quickly, make mistakes, change what needs to be changed and launch it again if it’s necessary

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