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Spain is home of the best Mexican soccer players

Spain is home of the best Mexican soccer players

Posted by Ricardo Vázquez on September 03, 2014

It has been a monster transfer season, but as the dust settled, Mexicans have continued to land in Spain. Granted, not all have gone to La Liga, but it has become a league which has seen many Mexicans succeed.

Not much longer after Raúl Jiménez signed a major deal with Atlético Madrid, his national team counterpart, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, made headlines after signing with Real Madrid. The move was a shock to many, but to some, not totally surprising. Chicharito had a bumpy road ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United. David Moyes seemed to favor others over Chicharito, giving Hernández very few opportunities. Speculation and rumors had flooded the football world with Chicharito's name linked to teams like Juventus and Valencia, yet he still remained at United through the 2014 preseason.

The signing with Real Madrid, like the move for Jiménez to Atlético, will prove to be a success. La Liga has been a place that has become a home for Mexicans abroad, and the new trend should continue if Mexico wants to get the best out of their players.

Carlos Vela was one of the first major Mexican moves to Europe. His signing with Arsenal was enough to bring many smiles to El Tri fans, but his stay in England was underwhelming. He was loaned out to several clubs until he landed with Real Sociedad. Since 2011, Vela has been a major contributor to Real Sociedad (49 goals, 29 assists since arriving). He has become an icon in San Sebastián, and is becoming one of the most versatile players in the league.

Another big Mexican name, Giovani dos Santos, also tried his talents in England. He signed with Tottenham in 2008, but never found full confidence under manager Harry Redknapp. He, like Vela, was loaned out to several clubs... that is until he found a home in La Liga. Gio has never been this comfortable with his club career. Villareal has welcomed Giovani with open arms and he has delivered. Last season, Gio was their top player in assists, as well as a top scorer. Moreover, Villareal and dos Santos now find themselves headed to the Europa League group stage. It doesn't hurt that he now shares his club colors with his brother, Jonathan dos Santos.

Giovani's former teammate, Javier Aquino, also had a great 2013-14 at Villareal. However, he was recently loaned out to Rayo Vallecano. The move was a little unconvincing at first sight, but Aquino has been one of Rayo's most promising players, as he added two assists over the past weekend. Again, a La Liga team welcomed a Mexican player, and the choice has shown to be a wise one.

Mexicans and abroad are two words that haven't had a tremendous chime, that is until lately. Mexicans have been finding their groove in La Liga, and now national team coach Piojo Herrera will be looking to transfer the newfound confidences of his La Liga players to the national team, hopefully for many years to come.

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