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Robin Van Persie against "Chicharito"

Robin Van Persie against "Chicharito"

Posted by Alejandra Romo on February 27, 2014

Manager David Moyes has received much of the blame for Manchester United's dismal season, however, former Red Devils midfielder Johnny Giles believes that star striker Robin van Persie is the bigger issue.

According to Paul Collins of Daily Mail, Giles chastised van Persie while discussing Manchester United's struggles on RTE in Ireland.

After RVP admonished his teammates for occupying his "zones," Giles bashed the Dutch icon's effort during United's Champions League loss to Olympiakos on Tuesday.

"It can also show you Van Persie is a prat ... In other words (to the comments) he is not at fault. Right, he's not at fault. And I watched the game last night and he never tried a leg ... Moyes can't make him play. He should be out there playing and doing his best. That's what all players should be doing, regardless of manager".

Giles assessment of van Persie was scathing to say the least, although he expressed a desire to see the Manchester United brass give Moyes 18 months to find his footing at Old Trafford.

Coincidentally, van Persie isn't pointing the finger at Moyes either. In fact, he and Giles seem to share the same opinion in terms of giving Moyes more time to settle in, as evidenced by his comments following the Olympiakos loss, according to Graeme Bailey of Sky Sports via The Sun.

"He is new and needs time. He's working hard and so are we ... It's easy to point at the manager but that's not who I am. We need to do it on the pitch ... We are lousy-- in a lousy position in the league, out of the cups and this looks a difficult one also. We are very disappointed. It's a tough season".

Manchester United are currently sixth in the EPL, a full five points behind fifth-place Tottenham and a nearly insurmountable 11 points back of Liverpool for fourth. Even if Moyes does deserve more time, the United faithful won't stand for this type of play much longer.

Although it is impossible to know the true context for certain, Manchester United star Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez posted a message on Instagram in the wake of van Persie's comments regarding teammates essentially getting in his way.

"Without your teammates you can't be somebody in football, always be thankful," the message said.

If the message was in response to van Persie, then United's issues may run much deeper than Moyes. Even so, Moyes may end up biting the bullet.

While Giles' analysis of the situation is interesting, it is hardly that black and white. Both Moyes and van Persie have blame to share, as does the entire club. Things have been disjointed since the very start of the season, and it's difficult to pinpoint the core issue.


If nothing else, van Persie essentially calling out his teammates isn't helping matters in the least. The Red Devils need to remain unified, or else this season is in danger of spiraling out of control even more so than it already has.

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