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Posted by Alejandra Romo on September 03, 2013

For the very first time the Boxing Hall of Fame in Nevada has opened its doors to a generation made up of authentic legends  that shined in memorable fights in the quadrilateral.

The list, which includes names such as Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Óscar de la Hoya, among others, could not be complete without the best Mexican boxer of all times, considered to be one of the greats on an international level: Julio César Chávez.

The Temple of the Immortals of Nevada, founded in 2012 by the well known commentator Rich Marotta, was dressed in lingering cloths to house the first generation in its induction ceremony, which took place at a party bringing together 400 figures from the boxing family, in one of the impressive casinos in Las Vegas in order to honour 19 celebrities in 8 different categories.

Of the inaugural generation in Nevada, made up of seven former world champions inducted into the Hall of Fame, three of them reside or resided in Las Vegas; Mike Tyson, Mike McCallum and the deceased Diego Corrales. The remaining historical figures, which are considered for their great achievements include Chávez, Tyson, Ray Leonard and De la Hoya.

“Boxing Cesar”, as Chávez is known, is remembered for the great fights he starred in from the first crowning of the super featherweight champion of the world, by the World Boxing Council for knocking out Mario ‘Azabache’ Martínez

Later he was crowned in the lightweight division by knocking out the Puerto Rican Edwin ‘Chapo’ Rosario, becoming a double champion of the world in this division by defeating José Luis Ramírez.

The three time championship came in his career in May 1989, by defeating to the limit Roger Mayweather from the U.S., winning the Junior Welterweight (sic) from the World Boxing Council, holding heroic defenses before Meldrick Taylor, Héctor ‘Macho’ Camacho, Terrence Alli, among others.

The glorious Julio César Chávez, who also belongs to the Hall of Fame of Canastota, New York, left his mark in 107 victories, 86 knockouts, in comparison to 6 defeats and 2 ties, leaving behind a record of 37 disputed world title fights.

The other tributes were named from a  variety of categories: Trainers, Officials, Executives, Media, Promoters and special collaborators including legendary promoters as are Bob Arum and Don King, as well as, referees Mills Lane and Joe Cortez, and coaches Eddie Futch and Freddie Roach, among others.

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