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Quidmi: When Going to Festivals is a Digital Experience

Quidmi: When Going to Festivals is a Digital Experience

Posted by Juan Gavasa on September 15, 2014

Quidmi is a Chilean app that was created last year so that its users could register images, audio, videos and comments about a particular event, in such a way that a community could be built and brands can promote themselves in a non invasive way with an objective target.

For instance, if thousands of users attend a music festival, they can use Quidmi to show, in real time, what they are seeing and listening to just by using their smartphones. This is a community with common interests, so they can be seen, by brands, as potential public. But this community can also be private when used to tell and share stories about a trip or holidays, since geo-location is another feature of this app.

Brands can use this just made community to interact with its users in a non invasive way, without the aggressiveness seen everyday in the internet. Brands will be, at the end of the day, one more user in the community, and will have the same leading role and tools as the rest of the users. Time is for imagination and dialogue, for interaction, a magic word in the internet.

This was the reason why Carlos Marín, a Publicity and Marketing professional, decided to make this prototype two years ago: to find an alternative for the pop ups that invade out screens. Quidmi started, obviously, two years ago in a coffee shop conversation, In September, it will be one of the companies in the Latam Startups Conference.

How was Quidmi born?

Two years ago I was having coffee with a couple of friends, and we were discussing possibilities of creating bonds between the great brands and their clients in a digital, fast and efficient way. Publicity in the internet now is too invasive, with annoying pop ups and banners. We are a complementary tool for digital marketing  because we include the brand in the community in a symmetrical sense, it has the same role importance as the rest of the users. Therefore, the brand becomes a friend that helps build a certain event (such as other users) and from a commercial point of view, it gets more attractive results.

But in what way can companies outstand? What do they pretend?

Through Quidmi, brands interact with users through multimedia content. They can give real time promotions and sales, as part of the conversation that users are building. For instance, people in a community can be told about a contest in real time, and they can even get awards at the moment. This is a new way of making business by interacting in the digital world.

How's the commercialization process of the platform?

We commercialize events according to their nature and the interest they can get. Now we are working with great musical events and there are, in our webpage, calendars with the next dates, all of them related to music and culture.

I think that we're getting a very important niche for brands. Due to its costs, it's very hard for brands to sponsor great festivals, but through Quidmi brands can interact and make an events with the users.

Other platforms, such as Facebook, do not intent to create this kind of interaction. and interaction with users in highly valuable now. Quidmi is doing in the digital world what BTL (Below The Line) publicity once did, that is, a direct relationship with clients.

What do you expect from your participation in Latam Startups Conference?

We've raised 200.000 USD with much effort and help in Chile, but we want more. We have the technological levels of international standards and we're looking for an accelerator that allows us to leave Chile. Industry and investors in our country are very conservative in terms of risk, and although they receive proposals very positively, they prefer some who has taken the risk before.

How would you sell Quidmi to an investor?

There are many music apps but they only give information. None offers creation processes the way Quidmi does, using all the digital possibilities to generate non invasive relationships. Quidmi is already available in English in App Stores, through and Android, which enables us to reach more than 70% of the world market.

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