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Pursuing the Olympic Games

Pursuing the Olympic Games

Posted by Dubraswka Aguilar on April 10, 2014

The coach of the Under 17 women's national team, said Kenneth Zseremeta Venezuelan team will look, without complexes, the gold medal in the second edition of the Youth Olympic Games, an event that will be held in Nanjing, China, 16 to 28 August 2014.

"We are now aiming to go get that gold medal in the Olympics. Let's fight that medal with the U.S. and China" said the strategist , told Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV). Venezuela will participate in the event with a selection Sub 15, which, according to the plans of the technical preparation should play tournaments abroad and strong training modules.

"Against Italy we gave her face with our younger chamas . It had six players born in 1999. What we will be in the future is this brilliant generation that Venezuela has "highlighted . To achieve that goal , Zseremeta requested more support from the Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF) for the development and popularization of the female minor categories .

"They have to change attitudes about women's football at the level of our country. Since preparation of us has to be considered a professional level as that of men, " said Panamanian coach, who made ​​history for all of Latin America with the Creole selection to locate the viola for the first time in a fourth world organized by the International Federation of Association Football (Fifa).

"It can not be this year Let's meet in fourth place in the world and in two years we fail to classify or if we do. On his future , having said Zseremeta offers to direct outside the country, but will wait for a decision of the FVF .

"I love Venezuela . I think I've accomplished a mission that includes a fourth in the world. And the Federation will have to tell me you want, but there are many deals , and between them in Central America", he said.

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