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Pupy Pedroso will write the official song for Toronto 2015

Pupy Pedroso will write the official song for Toronto 2015

Posted by Miguel Ernesto on August 05, 2014

The news took the Cubans by surprise, music and sports lovers: the distinguished musician César “Pupy” Pedroso will be in charge of composing the song for the Pan-American Games of Toronto 2015, the most important competition of the continent, in which more than 8000 athletes will participate in 36 different disciplines.

“It is a very serious responsibility. It is a big honour to be chosen for this, the fact that it is Cuban music what everyone will be hearing during the entire competition means a lot, it also says a lot about our culture and the impact it has”, said the famous pianist, composer and arranger who worked with ‘Los Van Van’ for more than three decades.

“Since the Pan-American games bring together people that speak different languages, the song has pieces in Spanish, English and French, and that’s what the singers are focusing in. The song must be finished by next month and I hope people like it. It is a very important job because of the type of event it is for, and we want it to be perfect”, Pedroso said.

“Pupy” together with the Juan Formell founded ‘Los Van Van’, and he stayed in the group until 2001. As a composer he has created more than 150 songs, such as “Seis semanas” (Six Weeks), “Azúcar” (Sugar), “Después que te casaste” (After you got married), “Tranquilo mota”, (take it easy mota), “Fallaste al sacar tu cuenta” (You made a mistake when making your bill), “El Buena gente” (the good guy), “Ya tu campana no suena” (Your bell doesn’t ring anymore), “Discúlpeme Señora” (Excuse me lady), “Cuatro años de ausencia” (Four years of absence), “Ni bombones ni caramelos” (Neither lollipops nor candies), “El negro está cocinando” (The dark guy is cooking), “El Yerbero” (the herbs guy), “Temba, tumba y timba”, “Lo que dejó Sebastián” (what Sebastian left behind), “Qué cosas tiene la vida” (what life is made of).

In 2001, “Pupy” decided to leave ‘Los Van Van’ and that same year he created his own group, ‘Los que Son Son’, with whom he has already recorded several albums, among them “De la Timba a Pogolotti” (From the ‘Timba’ to ‘Pogolotti’), “Mi timba cerrá” (Mi closed ‘Timba’),  “Tranquilo que yo controlo” (Don’t worry I’m in control), and his most recent piece of work is “Sín Límites” (without limits), which has 12 songs and one of them is “Llegar a Viejo” (becoming old), sang by Eliades Ochoa.

“The song intends to see old age from experience, affection and love towards grandchildren, with a sentimental tone far from the mockery of certain young people”, “Pupy” said once. “The whole singing experience is new to me and it is an experience that I don’t intend to repeat, because I respect too much those who do it properly”, said Pedroso, who then added that it was Ochoa who convinced him to do it.

This new album, even though it keeps “Pupy”’s traditional style is also a little more varied, and it includes genres such as the conga, the timbra, the son, and jazz, among others. At the beginning of 2014, the jury chaired by Formell, determined that “Pupy” together with Adriano Rodríguez deserved the National Award of Music of 2013.

The expectations for the song of “Pupy” for the Pan-Americans in Toronto are very high. What rhythm will this fabulous arranger put on a piece that will be heard and danced by millions of people? Will he mix the Timba and jazz? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, because as Pedroso says, in one of his most famous songs, ‘Don’t worry I’m in control’ (‘Tranquilo, que yo controlo’).


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