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Outstanding graduate opportunities for Latin American students

Outstanding graduate opportunities for Latin American students

Posted by PanamericanWorld on March 01, 2016

Despite falling crude prices across the region, a high profile corruption probe in Brazil, and Venezuela’s deteriorating political situation, Latin America’s GDP still looks set to grow in 2016.

Analysts expect Latin America’s economy to expand by 0.1 percent this year, according to – good news for the continent as multinational firms set their sights on the region for investment and branch growth.

Latin America remains a key trading partner of the U.S., Asia and even the European Union, thanks to it having one of the world’s fastest GDP growth rates; growth was reported at 4.67 percent in 2011, compared to only 1.52 percent growth in the EU, EMA of London reports.

With Brazil gearing up to host the 2016 Olympic Games and the tourism sector set to boom as security continues to improve across Latin America, now more than ever is the perfect time for business graduates to keep an eye on one of the world’s most diverse and exciting regions.

Thanks to continued growth and business expansion, there are an increasing number of employment opportunities for Latin American business graduates who possess the insider knowledge and skill set to succeed in the region’s markets.

 Birkbeck, University of London

Students at Birkbeck, University of London. Pic: Birkbeck, University of London

Choosing to study business makes graduates incredibly employable in a huge variety of markets and companies. From commodities to copper, media to real estate and tourism to information systems, business graduates slot into positions with ease, even within the not-for-profit sector.

While most business degrees look at finance, marketing and human resource management, students can also expect to gain an in-depth understanding of a variety of sectors include HR and people management, policy and strategy, and analysing and identifying market trends. Students can also expect to hone their presentation skills, become excellent debaters and improve their arguments no matter the topic.

Choosing to study an international business degree outside of Latin America can help students to stand out when it comes to crafting those crucial job applications. Not only can studying overseas provide you with the opportunity to learn a new language and make lifelong contacts, international students are also provided with a whole host of networking opportunities and business contacts which would have previously remained inaccesible. Furthermore, institutions are increasingly opening up scholarships and bursaries to ensure they attract and retain some of Latin America’s most talented students, thanks to increased access to help and funding for students from outside of  Europe.

Business graduates make excellent employees, thanks to their ability to accept whatever problems or hiccups the workplace may throw at them. Business graduates will also be able to access a whole world of opportunities, from starting their own business and pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, to living a jet-setting lifestyle once they have worked their way up the career ladder.


A degree in business is applicable just about anywhere. Since trade and the exchange of goods take place in every corner of a country and every corner of the globe, students can utilize their business skills wherever they feel like. Indeed, part of the challenge of studying business is that you can never be sure where the next opportunity will take you!

Read on to find out more about four excellent the following cutting-edge institutions offering unique courses and business contacts for students looking to get ahead in this exciting and diverse field:


Birkbeck is a world-class research and teaching institution. The University’s School of Business, Economics and Informatics offers a wide range of courses, with subject areas including international business, management, marketing, economics, accounting, finance, human resource management, management consultancy, computer science and information technology. Many courses offer flexible module choices enabling students to choose a more focused subject area. The school has a thriving international student body. Birkbeck has been ranked the 50th most international university in the world, in a Times Higher Education league table. There is nowhere better to study business than London, and Birkbeck is right at its heart, giving students excellent access to everything this global city has to offer. Read the full profile…


Curtin Business School (CBS) is ranked in the Top 10 business schools in Australia, offering a wide variety of courses, including Commerce, Marketing, Economics and Law. The courses combine business knowledge and professional skills development, to ensure that its graduates are highly trained and industry ready to start their careers. CBS counts with one of the most extensive industry advisory group networks of any Australian business schools.  In 2016, Curtin University launched The Agency, an innovative teaching facility that allows business students to have first-hand experience on how major global brands monitor their online presence via social media analytics. Read the full profile…


Dundee Business School (DBS) offers students an exciting range of up-to-date programmes of study. Courses are designed to aid students to develop their capabilities, both inside and outside of Abertay’s modern computer labs, seminar rooms and lecture halls. They enable students to understand and deal with the challenges posed by business in the global economy of the 21st century. DBS offers students well-established links with industry, commerce and finance. These agreements and links play a significant role in ensuring that students’ studies are informed, and shaped by contemporary circumstances and emerging trends, preparing graduates for the ever-changing world of business.


As one of the largest business schools in the U.K., Kingston Business School is a leading provider of management and business education for business professionals during all stages of their career. Located in South West London, Kingston offers outstanding teaching quality and research opportunities. The school is regarded as a pioneer in e-learning, producing graduates who go on to achieve impressive starting salaries upon entering the competitive job market. Kingston is proud of its impressive links with multinational corporations and small businesses, in addition to the not-for-profit sector. Kingston Business School remains at the heart of London’s academic and business communities.

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