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Montevideo Valley: the convention of the tech sector in Uruguay

Montevideo Valley: the convention of the tech sector in Uruguay

Posted by José Peralta on November 03, 2014

Next month, Uruguay will host its annual Montevideo Valley event, a meet-and-greet opportunity for technology entrepreneurs. On its seventh consecutive gathering, it is intended to be a “fresh and casual event for the attendees to get inspired and network”, states Sergio Delgado, a member of the event management team.

This year, the event will take place at the World Trade Center Montevideo, near the Montevideo Shopping Mall and the Hyatt Regency Way Montevideo Hotel, in an area with plenty of options to eat. The event starts at 10am and will close at 10pm.

Tickets are $29 and are selling out quickly, according to organizers. People interested in attending the event should buy the tickets using the form located at the event website:

“It is an important event for startups, founders, entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts who participate in the technology sector,” states Delgado.

Conferences, Networking Space, Demo Day and Panel Discussion

In Montevideo Valley 2014, all the conferences will be presented in a single track. There are five speakers in the program:

-Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of Etermax. He will share his story about Preguntados, his most successful mobile app, which has been downloaded 25 million times so far.

-Miklos Grof, Founder and CEO of Fundacity. He will discuss the perspectives and future of investment networks in LATAM. Also, he plans to share advice about doing entrepreneur-investor matching.

-Garrett Dunham, founder of the Silicon Valley startup accelerator Prebacked. He will share his insights about how high-tech startups can create a radical change in the global community.

-Maximiliano Firtman, founder and CEO of ITMaster, and an O’Reilly Author. He will discuss creating successful mobile app strategies and the future of wearable technology.

-Sebastian O’Ryan, Founder and CEO of Co-Work LATAM. He will talk about Lean Startup. He has participated in several startups and his speech will be focused on how you can fail fast and cheap.

In addition to the lectures, there will be other activities during the event:

-A panel discussion about the experiences of young women as tech entrepreneurs. It will be moderated by Carmen Correa from Fundación Avina and the attendees will be able to ask them questions.

-Demo Day: Six previously selected startups will have 10 minutes each to pitch what they are doing, and answer the questions from the attendees.

-Specific time allocated for networking, where attendees and presenters will be able to chat together.

MontevideoValley 2013 badge

Social networks and special requirements

The event will use the Twitter hashtag #7MVDValley. Also, the organization advised that there will be a custom mobile app. It will be available at the event website and it will have LinkedIn and iBacon integration.

The event will have simultaneous translation available from Spanish to English, for the attendees who require it. International visitors are invited to contact the management team for accommodation suggestions and any other information they may require. They can do that using the contact form at

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