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Mike Trout wins the AL MVP

Mike Trout wins the AL MVP

Posted by Liliana Castaño on November 14, 2014

Mike Trout has been the sensation of the league for all three seasons he has played in it, and every year he has been knocking on the door of the AL MVP, but fell second to Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera the past two times. This year, however, with the Angels achieving a league best 98 victories, there was no discussion about who is the Most Valuable Player of 2014. Mike Trout is the first player to be unanimously chosen the AL MVP since Ken Griffey Jr. with Seattle in 1997.

According to USA Today's Paul White, although Trout has undoubtedly been the best player of the league for the past three years in numbers, being part of a successful team plays a huge role in the MVP ballot. “The difference between this year and the two previous is the Angels running away with the American League West and posting a major league best 98 victories. When Trout was a narrow and heatedly debated runner-up to Detroit's Miguel Cabrera in 2012 and '13, the Angels missed the playoffs and the Tigers didn't – just enough of a factor as many voters consider contributions to a successful team as part of the "value of a player to his team" clause in the definition on the MVP ballot.”

In fact, this season has been the lackluster for Trout compared to his first two years in the league. “He led the league in strikeouts, while his batting average, on-base percentage and on-base plus slugging were his lowest among the three seasons, but he still was clearly above the rest of the crowd, especially when his often spectacular center field defense was factored in.”

Yahoo Sport's Mike Oz says that there is as many Mike Trout supporters as there are baseball fans who believe him to be overrated. “No one's enshrining him just yet — another of the complaints from the anti-Trout crowd is too much hype, too soon. But if he keeps going at the rate he has in his first three seasons, at the very least Trout should get another MVP or two.”


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