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Michelle Keegan Opens Tunnel to Barbados

Michelle Keegan Opens Tunnel to Barbados

Posted by Shanelle Weir on June 13, 2014

A mysterious tunnel has been unearthed in central Manchester – connecting the city to the alluring Caribbean island of Barbados. Early reports suggested that the tunnel’s opening was perhaps linked to local fracking activity, but this was discredited when passersby were treated to the Bajan sound of calypso steel drums and the sweet tropical scent of rum punches.

The phenomenon appeared in Manchester during the early hours of Friday, 6 June, and those lucky enough to stumble upon the magical portal on their morning commute were thrilled to get a glimpse of what the beautiful island with its crystal clear shores has to offer.

One of the first Manchester locals on the scene was the former Corrie star Michelle Keegan, who was delighted to be taking the rare opportunity to get away from it all to enjoy and relax on a tropical Bajan beach. Witnesses claim she was paddling in the turquoise waters and enjoying a rum punch.

Michelle commented: “Wow – I feel as if I could just jump through the tunnel straight to that beautiful beach! I love Barbados, it’s amazing to be able to enjoy a slice of the island’s charm right on my doorstep! I’ve visited Barbados before and look forward to returning again one day.”

On hearing the news of the tunnel, Virgin Holidays deployed their retail experts to the site to make sure that locals were supplied with all the Barbados knowledge, tips and advice they would need to have the travel tunnel tales of a lifetime. In fact, it seems that one Virgin Holidays staff member could not resist the tunnel temptation themselves, and can be clearly seen enjoying herself along with other Manchester holidaymakers on the beach.

Carly Reed from Virgin Holidays who was at the event commented “We know that Mancunians and everyone from the North West love Barbados, so couldn’t wait to get down here ourselves to check out this tunnel. It’s just like our own direct link to the island from the city.
“We’re pretty sure the authorities won’t allow it to be kept open for long, but thankfully we have our own direct holidays direct from Manchester and hopefully this has inspired some of the locals to come and see us about going there again later this year.”

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