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Miami and Canada, a flow of information that covers the whole continent

Miami and Canada, a flow of information that covers the whole continent

Posted by PanamericanWorld on June 12, 2014

Two North American communication companies, with a strong presence in the hispanic communities around the continent, have joined forces:, located at the south of the state of Florida, United States; and PanamericanWorld located in Toronto, Canada. The collaboration agreement between both media companies seeks to amplify the diffusion of their information, generate synergies in content management, and to open new roads to reinforce the media’s influence of the region on the internet and on the social networks. is a digital source, with an important support in the monthly printed publishing, and whose daily goal is to give the hispanic community of Miami, its own contents of the highest quality, that are relevant and kin. is a new digital portal of news in english, spanish and portuguese founded in Toronto with the idea of building bridges between Canada and the Americas. It has specialized in contents related with sports, business, culture and travel. The platform has an extensive team of reputed journalists and writers along Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the main objectives of this project is to respect and promote the diversity of the cultural and social mosaic that makes up the countries of the area.

What to do in Miami? Where to invest? How to adapt? Are some of the subjects that covers, always with its eyes on the news that might interest the hispanic population, both the already stablished and with roots in the US, and the new immigrants and the challenges they face.

Miami is a capital of the world, its sea and air ports are ones of the busiest of the country, a magical city to discover and that still has a lot to offer. It is all about beaches and sun all year long, but it is also about investment, immigration, culture, museums, sports, entrepreneurs, music… covers all the different faces of the city, but it also covers the news about the entire continent that consumes the diverse communities that live in the south of the north. is part of the Ibero American Network of Digital Diaries (RIDD for its initials in spanish), with 15 news portals in Spain and America.

PanamericanWorld is a news platform that combines cured contents with original articles. It is permanently updated with quality and journalistic interest standards and criteria, choosing those news that stand out because of its informative values.That maxima that states that the user “doesn’t want more information but less” is the daily work guide of the journalists that work for the project. Besides that, PanamericanWorld has a powerful data base, that is constantly growing, with the most distinguished sports men/women  of most of the countries in the area. It is probably one of the most complete information sources that can be found on the internet about sports in Latin America.

The growing influence of the Latin American and Caribbean communities in this country and the momentum that economic interests of Canada in the south present now has generated a flow of communication and information that is every time more intense and fruitful. PanamericanWorld wants to canalize those synergies and constitute a community based on knowledge and the exchange of information: a way of global communication that is referent to citizens of Canada, the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

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Monthly newsletter featuring articles hand picked by our country managers from the best content across the Caribbean Region on PanamericanWorld.