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Mexico’s tourism blooms against all odds

Mexico’s tourism blooms against all odds

Posted by PanamericanWorld on February 28, 2014

Despite unstable international conditions, weak local economic drivers and significant natural blows that hit the country’s main coasts, President Enrique Peña Nieto managed to sort obstacles and close his first year in office with positive outcomes for tourism.

Global tourism trends and Mexico’s unique geographic and competitive advantages have been exploited in order to help the sector’s growth exceed that of Mexico’s economy in recent years: Tourism growth charted around +8% per year for visitors and foreign income, and +6% in employment. However, improving the sector’s competitiveness remains a pending challenge for the country.

Mexico’s Tourism Secretariat has undertaken efforts to promote cultural patrimony, insert small and medium enterprises in tourism value chains, and encourage business, medical and adventure tourism. Transport infrastructure is also a major keystone to link Mexico abroad and domestically. The government spent more than MXN $1.27B in the construction of the Palenque airport in Chiapas. Additional airport projects include: Itsmo in Oaxaca; the Industrial Park Airport in Zacatecas; and modernization of Carga in Nuevo Laredo, Chetumal, El Lencero in Veracruz, and Atlangatepec in Tlaxcala.

Mexico is the world’s 13th largest tourism destination, welcoming 23.7 million visitors last year, or +2.5% more than in 2012, to more than 17,000 tourist establishments. Tourism is the 4th leading source of foreign income for the country, contributing US $13.8B in 2013, an increase of +9% compared to 2012. The sector currently provides 2.5 million direct and 5 million indirect jobs.


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