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Mexico’s Landmarks in the History of PanAmerican Games

Mexico’s Landmarks in the History of PanAmerican Games

Posted by Ricardo Vázquez on June 25, 2015

The 17th Pan-American and Caribbean Games are slated to be held in July 2015 in Toronto, Canada, and Mexico is training hard to shine as it did four years ago in Guadalajara, Jalisco, when it ranked fourth on the medal table.

When totaling Mexico’s results throughout the history of the Pan-American and Caribbean Games, the country occupies the sixth position on the medal table, as it has won 915 medals during the 16 sports competitions, right behind United States, Cuba, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

All in all, the Aztec sportswomen and sportsmen have obtained 197 gold medals, 258 silver medals and 460 bronzes.

Over the past three Games, in 2003 Santo Domingo, 2007 Rio de Janeiro and 2011 Guadalajara, Mexico has left Argentina behind in terms of the number of medals won, a country that presently stands in the fifth historic position with 279 gold medals, while Mexico has 197.

Marisol Romero

During the 16th Pan-American Games, carried out in Guadalajara, the Mexican representatives achieved a historic result in the competition, with 133 medals: 42 gold medals, 41 silvers and 50 bronzes.

The result was outstanding because their finest performance had taken place as far back as 1995 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, when they got 80 medals: 23 gold medals, 20 silvers and 37 bronze-colored metals.

Four years ago, Mexico took 644 sportswomen and sportsmen to the competition, which was attended by 42 countries with over 6,000 representatives. 

Mexico has hosted these games in three different moments. The first time was in 1955, when Mexico City was the venue of the second continental competition, which had been created four years ago in Argentina.

That event counted on the participation of 2,583 competitors from 22 countries. 20 sports disciplines were include.

Daniel Corral

In that competition, Mexico ranked third on the medal table with 17 gold medals, 11 silvers and 30 bronzes, totaling 58 medals. It has been Mexico’s highest position in the history of the Pan-American Games.

Nearly 20 years had to pass for Mexico to go beyond the score obtained in 1955 and it happened the second time it hosted the Pan-American Games. Once again, in 1975 Mexico City received competitors from the whole continent.

Santiago de Chile had been appointed venue of the Games in 1975, but General Augusto Pinochet led a coup d’état and it was immediately changed. Puerto Rico was the substitute, but it was already in charge of organizing the 8th edition, in 1979, so it could not take the responsibility.

Sao Paulo was the emerging proposal, but a meningitis outbreak made it step aside. Finally, Mario Vazquez Raña, Chairman of the Mexican Olympic Committee, was supported by the President of the Republic to host the seventh edition of the sports event.

In 1975 Mexico was visited by 33 countries and 3,146 competitors, who participated in 217 activities.

Cynthia Valdez

As the second-time host, Mexico won more medals compared to the first time it played the venue role, with 60 medals, but barely 9 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 38 bronzes.

After those numbers, Mexico climbed to a new level in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1995, with 80 medals, 23 of which were golden.

So in 2011, historic results were achieved in Guadalajara with medal record in each color, and the nation’s athletes are now working hard to repeat the sports feat, this time around in Toronto, Canada.

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