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Mexico City Startup Nubity Inc. Partners with IBM

Mexico City Startup Nubity Inc. Partners with IBM

Posted by Shanelle Weir on December 09, 2014

IBM announced today that Mexico City-based startup Nubity Inc. will be partnering with IBM as part of the SoftLayer Catalyst program. The Catalyst program, which is currently being integrated into the IBM Cloud Global Entrepreneur Program, helps startups like Nubity Inc. by providing access to open, secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, executive mentorship and a robust ecosystem of partners and clients.

Nubity provides an on-demand consumption service that helps its clients integrate and monitor public and private cloud deployments – as well as deployments from disparate vendors – through asoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) model based on cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, an IBM company. With this tool, customers can consolidate a view of their complete IT environments with a unique and strategic dashboard. The system provides alerts for preventive and corrective actions and on-time delegation of server management to help customers maintain confidence as they migrate to cloud.

“We have found a technological partner in IBM with which we count on every time we start a new project or a daring idea,” said Dario Pena, CEO and co-founder of Nubity Inc.

Nubity expects 100 percent year-over-year growth through 2015, focusing on clients in Mexico,Colombia, and the United States. With operation headquarters in Mexico and Argentina, and with service deployment coverage throughout every country in Latin America, Nubity has grown more than 600 percent since the end of 2012 and serves clients for more than 10 countries in Latin America,Europe, and the US, in e-commerce, media, advertising, and marketing industries.

Having grown through the SoftLayer Catalyst program, Nubity is now a part of IBM and SoftLayer’s partner programs, giving it the opportunity to take advantage of the consulting, promotional initiatives, entrepreneur forums and IBM’s cloud ecosystem development from each program to drive growth. Also, Nubity participated as a finalist within SmartCamp Mexico 2014 edition, IBM’s global entrepreneurs program. Nubity is now part of a select group of startups in Mexico supported by 500Startups.


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